Classy Lancastrian After Dinner Party Treat

This was just emailed to me. I’m not sure if it was off some Lancastrian pinterest board or other, but it’s proof that there’s nothing that you can do to properly domesticate people from that side of the Pennines.

Frankly, I’m amazed that a Lancastrian even knows what a “dinner party” is. But I’m guessing that Gemma is just using a posh term for some people eating tripe together.

To be honest, if I felt that I was so broke that I had to resort to frozen Aquafresh as an alternative to after dinner mints, I’d probably just not invite anyone around. Jesus, can you even imagine how bad the rest of the meal must have been?

“Yes love, we went to Gemma’s ‘ovel. We ‘ad some twigs for starters, tripe fer main course, some lovely muddy water fer afters and then she topped t’evening off with some wonderful frozen toothpaste.”

 However if, for some utterly bizarre reason, you think that this is a good idea:

a) Stop reading this blog and get away from me. And everyone else. And,
b) Please remember the dangers of fluoride toxicity and don’t eat too many of these “cool” “tasty treats”.

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