I’ve got a massively busy day ahead, including several (or more) experiments in the lab and then a fairly long drive later. There will be beer and brandy at the end of the fairly long drive, but that doesn’t help you much if you’re after a 6000 miles…  blog post.

In times such as these, I head for the quota photo cabinet, usually immediately delving into the lighthouse section, and today is no exception.

Fullscreen capture 2016-04-08 085217 AM.bmp

This is the Chicken Rock lighthouse, perched (appropriately enough) upon the Chicken Rock (well, where else would you put it?), just off the SW coast of the Isle of Man (and we’ve seen it before on the blog).

The 44 metres (144 ft) lighthouse is constructed of tapered granite and was designed by David and Thomas Stevenson, after the lights on the Calf of Man were insufficient at warning ships away. Construction finished in December 1874, with the first official lighting day taking place on 1 January 1875.

Thomas, by the way, was the father of famous Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

If you’re interested, there’s some interesting Chicken Rock Lighthouse history here.

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