Chicken Rock

My Mum and Dad recently jumped on a special ferry from Douglas in the Isle of Man to… er… Douglas… in the Isle of Man.
This “round the Island” trip is a chance for locals to go… er… round the island and see it from a different perspective.

Here’s one of the photos they took:

This is the Chicken Rock lighthouse off the south west coast of the Isle of Man. Wikipedia tells us:

The 0.1 hectare rock is home to a 44 m (144 ft) lighthouse which was designed by engineers David and Thomas Stevenson after it was realised that the lights on the Calf of Man were not sufficient to warn ships away. Construction of this tapered granite structure was completed in December 1874 and the first official lighting day was on 1 January 1875.

So not quite as old as the Cape Agulhas light, but given that this one is built on a rock that is completely submerged at high tide and which lies 4.5km off the mainland (and about 7.5km from the nearest port), I think that’s a pretty amazing feat of engineering for that time.

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