Incoming email from Jesse Miller. Yes. The Jesse Miller.

I love the way that first paragraph trips off the tongue. Jesse is a down to earth kinda guy and/or girl. Approachable. Level-headed. Just like you and/or me. Because haven’t we all, at some stage in our lives, searched the web for information on cheese? I know I have. I’m pretty sure you have too. And yes, Watch Your Cheese was a superb post – the one in which I subscribe Andile Lungisa for the near incomparable newsletter from the near incomparable

I might not have to go there anymore though, because Jesse has written 7000 – wait, seven thousand?!??! Sweet baby cheeses… That’s a lot of words about cheese – almost 500 per health benefit. Anyway, those 7000 words about cheese are right here. Thirteen of those words are:

However, not all cheeses are created equal. Most cheeses get a bad rap.

Presumably, Jesse means this one:

Anyway, I’ve given Jesse the publicity he/she/it requested and I’ve shared an appalling song about cheese. All that is left to do is to sign up Andile Lungisa to JenReviews’ newsletter…

[keyboard noises in background]

…and now I’ve done that too.

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