Yes, it needed CAPS LOCK. This is important!

According to the Huffington Post:

A truckload of burning cheese has closed a road tunnel in Arctic Norway for the last six days.
Some 27 metric tons of flaming brown cheese (brunost), a Norwegian delicacy, blocked off a three-km (1.9 mile) tunnel near the northern coastal town of Narvik when it caught fire last Thursday. The fire was finally put out on Monday.

Yes, apparently the high fat content of brunost means that it loves to burn. But despite the fact that the cheese is a popular dish in Norway, it seems that it doesn’t ignite on a regular basis:

“I didn’t know that brown cheese burns so well,” said Kjell Bjoern Vinje at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
He added that in his 15 years in the administration, this was the first time cheese had caught fire on Norwegian roads.

And when someone with as much experience in Norwegian Public Roads Administration as Kjell Bjoern Vinje has never seen cheese catch fire, you know that this is far from an everyday occurrence.


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