Chair man set to sue

The interwebs in South Africa was set ablaze last week by the unfortunate incident which befell the Chairperson of the Finance Portfolio Committee, Nhlanhla Nene, live on SABC2. To cut a not ever so long story short, the chair he was sitting upon (as you do) while being interviewed, collapsed. And his job title – Chairperson – geddit?
This has led to him being the laughing stock of South Africa, and, since the video has now had close on 500,000 views on YouTube – the world.

But this all happened last week and this whole story should be finished, gone, disappeared into the annals of internet history. And indeed, we would all have moved on if it weren’t for the actions of one man: Mr Nhlanhla Nene. He’s now threatening to sue the SABC for… well… “something” because of the embarrassment he has suffered. As 5fm’s Breakfast DJ Gareth Cliff mentioned this morning – with each serious comment Nene makes about the incident, the more comical it becomes. If only he could just laugh along with us… but no.

I wasn’t going to show you the video. It’s old news and while it is quite funny, there’s really only so much amusement that one can derive from a bloke falling off a chair on live TV.

But, since he wouldn’t let it lie:
Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you Nhlanhla Nene: a fat bloke with no sense of humour.

Heh heh – he fell off his chair. Again.

13 thoughts on “Chair man set to sue

  1. Shame, you really should not laugh at this! The poor (ha, ha) man, (hee hee)fell on the floor (tee hee hee) on National T – oh wait I can’t continue!

    I have been laughing ever since I first saw it!

    I think initially he did see the funny side (according to a report I read) but now that it has gone on and on he is beginning to lose (lost) his sense of humour.

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  2. Po » Exactly.

    Ordinarylife » Well, I do agree that it’s crap that his kids are getting ridiculed at school over it, but his attitude is what is prolonging interest in the whole thing. Well, that and a really cool viral email campaign. And now me, obviously.

  3. Here is an interesting fact. Do you realise that the first cracking sound is made exactly as he says the word “digest”? A little ironic I feel.

    He should be made a national hero really, South Africans need something to laugh about these days I feel.

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  4. what a sad state of affairs. I think this is exactly what our country needs–more laughs… perhaps we can sap away some of the anger… a bit off topic but did you ever notice how angry people are in SA? you dont move to quicly over an intersection-they get angry… you superimpose their pictures on a naked body and they get angry…. they fall off a chair in public and they get angry… what the eff?

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  5. I put this video on my blog and not ONE person of my (largely) American readership even commented! I mean, come on! This is funny! Does this mean that Americans are too politically correct to admit laughing at a black man? If so, they’re missing the point. It’s not funny because he’s black, it’s funny because his chair broke on live TV!

  6. Funny! LOL .. and lookie: I mean, the guy was smiling as the chair cracked, so it was faintly amusing to him as it occurred. But I think it was too much for him that the rest of the world got to laugh too.

    But if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you shouldn’t be in that job, right?

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