Caviar Dreams

The 5fm Xperia MashLab project has recently returned. The idea is that two diverse South African artists team up for one month and produce a track with as much (5fm) audience participation as possible – theme of song, ideas for video, lyrics etc. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I think this one did:

It’s Cape Town artistes, Al Bairre and PHFat (check out their brilliant House of Clashes video here). And the video is interesting – despite the lass looking rather too similar to Noel Fielding when she pops her mask on.

As a Sony Xperia owner, I get sneak previews and soundbites from the various projects on my phone.

My only issue is that the different bands are always too nice to one another. Simperingly so. (On camera/microphone, at least.) Why no fighty fighty? Whatever happened to the overly emotional and dramatic artists’ temperament?

The end product might be what comes of a month’s hard work, but I still reckon most people will really be tuning in in the hope of a big fight in the intervening period.

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