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With all the crap going on in the world – not least the huge issues that SA is facing right now – you might think you’ve had enough.

And then, news that just knocks you sideways, and succinctly puts those other things into perspective.

Now. Now I’ve had enough.


My short term fix for my impending viral infection, as described a couple of days ago, worked well at delaying the onset of that infection. But today has been spent in bed watching rugby, watching football, and dozing.
Which would have made for a wonderful, if unusual, Saturday were it not for the symptoms of the viral infection that necesitated it.


More scans on the ankle today and the news really isn’t good.
It’s been one thing after another in January and if this is what the other 11 months have got in store for us in 2013, then they must just go whistle.
The continual knock downs make it hard to look on the bright side at the moment, and thus I’m hoping for a miracle when I see the surgeon on Thursday.


As some of you may already know, I had a bit of a tumble while out running this morning. My right foot found a well concealed pothole on Rhodes Drive near Kirstenbosch and I went A over T.
A quick phone call to my wonderful wife and the family ambulance – complete with concerned junior technicians – came to pick me up and get me to the local ER.

No visible fracture to the sickeningly swollen right ankle, but either a Grade 2 or Grade 3 ligament tear. Cue Tramadol, crutches, bandage and RICE, together with a suggestion to contact the Orthopod tomorrow to see if it needs surgery.

This year’s 2 Oceans suddenly looks a bit of a stretch – which ironically is something I really can’t do right now.