A damp, grey morning in our (converted) prison accommodation. It looks a bit rough here, and while it’s far from luxurious, it’s actually very comfortable.

Each time I come here, I wonder if they could do something with this place, but given the history and the cultural sensitivity of Robben Island, I’m actually glad that they haven’t.

Hopefully though, they can maintain what is already here. I think that’s very important.

I was up early this morning, out for a run around the south of the island. I pitted myself against the local wildlife: steenboks, penguins and about a million tortoises.

I’m rather disappointed to report that – as far as species go – I finished in third place. These little buggers are faster than they look:

That photo was taken yesterday evening, by the way. No such lovely light this morning.

We’re heading home today after a presentation by Christo Brand, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Also family and my own bed. Always a winner.

On board

Heading out to Robben Island.

A bit of a chaotic start, but we’re on the ferry

It’s a perfect day for going across Table Bay. Blue skies, bright sunshine, slight swell, glassy water. We’re making good headway.

A busy, but hopefully very rewarding time lies ahead over the next few days.

5,000 steps done already and all I’ve done is to get on a boat.

Remember back then?

It’s been a whirlwind of school stuff, dodgeball, trips around SA and general life over the last month and a half. But we shouldn’t forget that we were here:

…far from the hustle and bustle of everything just six weeks ago.

This is the Lady Isabella, The Laxey Wheel:

the largest surviving original working waterwheel in the world.

Built in 1854, 22.1m diameter, 3rpm.

You don’t really get much of an idea of scale until you look closely at the man in blue at about 5 o’clock.

I still have to go through a lot of photos from Ireland and the Isle of Man.
And Kruger.
And now Gqeherba.
And I still have to tidy up my Flickr.

But it’s been a whirlwind of school stuff, dodgeball, trips around SA and general life over the last month and a half.

I’ll get there.

Away again

You join me aboard an Airlink flight this morning. I’m on a photo and video mission along the South coast today, which meant a 4am start.

Not great.

Looking out over the Western Cape at dawn is always a pleasure though, and it’s so good to see all the farmland dams in the Overberg glinting in the morning sunlight.

On a bigger scale, that’s Theewaterskloof dam in the middle of the shot through the mucky plane window. It’s very full.


The flight was rather delayed because of a baggage mislabelling issue (their excuse, not mine), so we’re already playing a bit of catch-up, and it’s going to be a long, busy day, but it’s all looking good – especially the weather for the outside shots.


Of course, this post won’t publish until we’re safely back down on solid ground again, so if you’re reading this, you can assume that my Embraer flight has gone rather better than Mr Prigozhin’s did last week. But then I didn’t unsuccessfully try to overthrow a despot a couple of months ago.

Safety first.

Back from the Bush

What an experience. From start to finish. New friends, much laughter, a little too much alcohol (perhaps), literally thousands of kilometres, heat, dust, a gazillion elephants, that leopard, some incredible sightings*, some amazing memories. It was very special.

I’ve got about 2,500 images to sift through. Many won’t make the cut, but that’s just fine. Some will be good. Hopefully, one or two will even be proper keepers.

But they will have to wait. Today has been a real snap back to reality: a cold, wet Cape winter’s day, and flooring work in the bar meaning that we have furniture everywhere and we have to run the gauntlet of across the patio in the filthy weather in order to get between the kitchen and the rest of the house.

Catching up with everything else has been a priority ahead of a job next week, so the photos – desperate as I am to see what’s there – are taking a back seat for the moment.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long.


* “Two lions! And they’re shagging!”