Day 44 – Not nice

South Africa is now at (beyond?) breaking point.

Everyone is unhappy, angry, frustrated and generally wholly pissed off at the lockdown, but at the same time, no-one is doing very much about obeying the regulations about social distancing, wearing a mask and staying at home. And so those only-occasionally policed regulations are utterly pointless anyway. Covid-19 cases are increasing massively every day, we’re surrounded by closed supermarkets because staff have tested positive…

…the (public) labs have run out of testing kits (but they weren’t doing enough tests anyway), the economy – already tanking – has surprised everyone by tanking even more when few thought that was even possible, and our government is nowhere to be seen or heard, except for when it occasionally sends a representative clown out to shout at drivers.

It’s not nice.

People are obviously (and rightfully) concerned, afraid, upset, and they’re taking it out on one another (from a safe anti-social distance) on online platforms across the nation. The thin veneer of harmony and togetherness which was evident when we first started on this journey has now been worn completely and glaringly through, and the decrepit state of the glue holding the country together is alarming visible.

I’ve said before that there are no easy answers, but the lack of communication, transparency or any sort of action from the government is more than worrying – it’s near criminal. The gulf between what should be being done and what is actually happening is widening every minute. Even the number of staunch ANC supporters who are still in agreement with their party’s current approach to this crisis seems to be dwindling every day.

It’s a mess.

And it’s really not going to get any better any time soon. There’s no control over the people, and no control over the virus. Things are going to get a lot, lot worse – and fast – before anything improves. If that improvement ever happens.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of such pessimism brutal honesty that you didn’t want to read. But the government not doing what they should and the public not doing what they should is an absolute recipe for disaster.

And so that’s where we’re headed right now.

Day 42, Part 2 – But… how…?

Oh dear. This isn’t good.

And I’m certainly not condoning anything here.

But the next line of that news24 piece gives us this quote:

I’ll share that again here because that screenshot isn’t great. :

At the committee’s meeting last week, there was concern about how secure the Zoom platform is.
House chairperson Cedric Frolick said at that meeting he was in discussions with them about how to get a more secure connection.

Now, I’m no expert, but I’d imagine that Zoom’s first suggestion in those discussions might be something along the lines of “don’t share the meeting details on your public twitter feed”.

Because, just 10 minutes before the meeting started this morning, there was this, shared with their 650,000 followers.

Honestly, who could have seen that coming? (no pun intended).

A reminder that these are the people in charge of the country.

Utterly. Terrifying.

Day 42 – Questions answered?

Day 42 of lockdown and if that number really is the answer to life, the universe and everything, surely we can add this little virus problem onto the list of things being sorted?

But while we’re looking at video (via Twitter) from Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape like this…

(probably mostly caused by the speedbumps, to be fair)

…I don’t think that there are any answers available to us, 42 or not.

Lusikisiki serves almost 40 local villages, and is notorious for being blocked up at the best of times, but previously, that was never more than an inconvenience. Now, places like this just resemble an enormous and terrifying petri dish of potential infection.

Nope. No answers as to how we’re going to get through this without a lot more casualties.


Day 41 – Overkill

There is no doubt that when it comes to health and safety – especially at the moment – more health and safeties is better.

My usual supermarket was closed today because one or more of the staff had tested positive for Covid-19 and they were disinfecting everything. I was forced to go elsewhere, and what I found wasn’t great. Limited opportunity for social distancing, because the checkout queues ran right down the shopping aisles, a security guard at the door so distracted that he let anyone and everyone straight in, and worst of all, plenty of staff with face masks around their necks instead of over their faces. It just all felt really unsanitary and unpleasant.

And let’s not even mention the old lady that touched my arm.

(Everyone survived.) (So far.)

Anyway. What I wanted to announce is that our favourite sushi delivery service is back in business under Level 4 and emailed us yesterday to tell us so. They’re taking H&S very seriously, but maybe they have gone a little overboard…

I mean, just because you can do something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should do it, right? Check out the last paragraph here:

You’ll be sharing what now?

What on earth am I meant to do with that?
Congratulate him on being alive? Offer him a jumper?

Seriously, what use is this? Because presumably, if his temperature is hovering somewhere around the 40 degree mark, he’ll either not be at work, or if he is, you will have decided not to send him out to my house on an infection delivery run.

I would hope.

The rest of those precautions sound fairly robust though, and we might treat ourselves later this month, depending on how the money is going. And just so we can see how hot our driver is before he even arrives at the front gate.