Sport as art

Maximum effort and passion from everyone concerned in the SA v Saudi Arabia Dodgeball tournament this weekend. And a huge win for the local U21 boys in their 5 match series.

I’ve been watching and ‘togging.

It’s a fairly straightforward game, usually somewhat controlled and end to end with waves of attacks, but every so often there will be a few seconds of absolute chaos.

Like what’s happening in that photo above. I love the way that it’s all so still and calm in the image, but you can still absolutely feel the power, urgency and action.


One For Brian

Leafing back through previous blog posts, I suddenly found myself dipping into my Brian Micklethwait archive. It’s been almost two years since Brian died, and even longer than that since our missed connection in London, pre-Covid.

But I did think of him on my recent visit there, and very deliberately took this very Micklethwaitian image as I was crossing the Golden Jubilee Bridge on that Sunday morning.

It has all the elements: iconic London, bridges, several (or more) Big Things and so many cranes.

I think he would have liked it.
And it’s a Quota Photo as well. Perfect.

Not much more to add, really.