Day 296 – Not 100%

Yesterday was a bit of a write-off. I’m still not sure what happened, but I came down with “something”. This was rather worrying because we’re in a situation at the moment where we’re trying very hard not to come down with one particular thing, and the spin-off from that is that we shouldn’t really be coming down with anything else either.

Incidentally, it has been working as well: I haven’t been “sick” for close on two years now. So yesterday was a bit of a downer.

Given the symptoms, I narrowed it down to four possible causes, one of which was obviously you-know-what (because that has to be considered in everything we do at the moment). The others involved having consumed a dodgy garage pie (which I hadn’t), a severe lack of sleep (which I had suffered with the previous night), or a delayed reaction to the excessive heat on Wednesday (it was still 52.5°C in the sun at 6pm), which I actually thought I had handled quite well at the time.

Thing is, it could have been any one of those four, any combination of those four or something completely different.

Medicine is hard, hey?

Anyway, having felt crappy for most of the day, we postponed, cancelled, delayed our braai plans, I loaded myself with drugs and had an early night. I’m happy to report that I seem to be mostly mended this morning, which at least seems to rule out the most concerning option on my makeshift list and proves that the human body – yes, even this one – is a wonderous thing.

Onward and upward. With plenty more handwashing.

Day 291 – All aboard the Gravy Train

Hey. We live in a horrifically corrupt nation, and (as we all know) a fish rots from the head down (no, it doesn’t), and so it’s no surprise that it’s our erstwhile government which is clearly one of the primary culprits and drivers of these heinous practices.

A lot of people have tried to stop the Government being quite so corrupt, and I’ve supported those actions, because I thought that they came from a good place. Now however, I see the reason those efforts was not innate goodness or a desire for transparency and equity.
No, those people were just really jealous.

I say that because I have been invited to board the Gravy Train and become a Tenderpreneur.

Look what I got in my email today from Palesa (Ms Mothapo to you):

Sorry for you that you didn’t get a ticket. It’s not for everyone, but if you have the right connections (and I clearly do), then the next station is BigBucksVille and I’m well on my way.

Choo Choo…

I’ll obviously be using the age old “inflated tender” method to bring in the bucks, buying the masks at R0.30 each from one of my old lab contacts and then selling them on to the DoD for a couple of hundred each. And I am completely comfortable in divulging that information here, because no-one would expect me to do anything differently. If they did, then the Department of Defence would be buying the masks at R0.30 each directly from the supplier, I wouldn’t be making the money for my next 3 BMW X5s and the taxpayers would be happier.

So cutting out the middleman has implications. And they’re not good ones for me.

Listen; I’ll see you all on the other side – should you crack the nod. But it’s a very exclusive club, and so if you don’t make it, then please just know that I’ll be waving to you at you through my tinted windows as I sweep past your aging Corolla on my outrageously flamboyant 23 inch mags.

Nothing can stop me now.





Day 290, part 2 – Powerless

We were without power for the first 11½ hours of the day thanks to a fault and I had to manually grind my coffee beans for the first two cups of the day and it was all just sheer hell on earth.

The power came back on just in time for the beers to get cold again ahead of this afternoon’s FA Cup football. Which I can now also watch.

Talking of which, did you see this first win of the season? Lovely.


Otherwise, you well?



Yeah, I mean, I was being sarcastic about the hell on earth thing, obviously. 

Day 290 – More Star Stuff

After yesterday’s astonishing star size facts, here are some more astonishing stars from the chilly Isle of Man, courtesy of FOTB Chris Wormwell (you may remember him from such posts as CJ Wormwell still making lovely photographs and Chris’ PoA sky & lighthouse p0rn).

This one is a timelapse of the Milky Way, taken from The Phurt, down in the North of the Isle of Man.

Lovely stuff, and almost difficult to remember (because of the tholtan and the bush remaining static), that’s it’s actually us that is spinning and the galaxy that’s standing still.

You can see the rest of Chris’ Youtube channel here (he recently got a drone) and his Flickr is here.