PistoriusBalls 8

A serious point for a moment. Regular readers will have noticed that there was no PistoriusBalls yesterday. That’s simply because there was a dearth of suitable material. It does seem that when the “professional witnesses” are in court, the journos present have facts to report, rather than opinion. And that gives them very little opportunity to add their personal touch to things. Which is good, because I don’t really want their personal touch, but it’s a double-edged sword when you’re trying to collate a PistoriousBalls post.

Anyway, we’ve salvaged some stuff for you.



Now he’s blurred (more of that later).



Meanwhile, Andrew Harding (he of “We’ve just had an adjounment, now I need a coffee” fame, falls into the old “We’ve just had an adjournment, now I need some biscuits” trap:


Welcome to Gauteng.


Every bit as professional as the Boschkop SAPS.

PistoriusBalls 7

We begin with some light-hearted discussion about a drama, before the actual drama.


Meanwhile, immediately after a 30 minute adjournment, this gem:

Ejector seat?

That’s just what Glock decided to call it, I expect.

“…and the blood of a virgin – just to keep me going til we adjourn at 3.”

Jeez. I hope you’re being paid for this…

PistoriusBalls 6

Yes, it’s Monday – the day of the Great Twitter Blackout – but you might still have a bit of a hangover from Friday:

But even if you were awake, you will have forgotten some of the other stuff
(hopefully not if you’re Judge Mapisa though):

Saayman says:

Winner: I Love My Job Awards, 2014:

But then, why are we bothering with the whole trial thing anyway? We all know the outcome.

And even the journos are confused by those draconian reporting regulations.

I’m sure you can still tell us what colour tissues he’s using…

PistoriusBalls 5

Friday! Maybe they’ll be knocking off a bit earlier today. Hardly worth turning up in that case.
But thankfully, everyone has turned up anyway. Let’s get the latest from our intrepid team.

Maybe he’s reading your stuff, Lucy. Is he an Android man? No. No, he’s not.


Meanwhile, “murder accused appears unhappy” shocker:

Perhaps he should have had some tissues to hand. White ones.


Is this what we’re paying State attorneys to do? To sparkle?

Meanwhile, whimsical tweets are sometimes not enough. Rebecca Davis has taken things one thing further with a whimsical out-of-office message too:


But back to the courtroom journo love-in:


PistoriusBalls 4

Day three and four of the trial and all it’s getting a bit dull, what with all this evidence and cross-examining and stuff. Fortunately, there are still some other things going on though:

Smashing shoes:


Winner: No Shit, Sherlock Award 2014


It’s all too much for some:


Brave move with his brother in the place.