Feeling cheated…?

I’m told by a usually reliable source that some readers feel cheated when they surf the internet and arrive upon the sandy shores of 6000 miles… only to find that a quota photo.

Well… sorry for you.

Hectic day in the lab, babysitting this evening, football match tonight.

So here’s a sunrise that looks uncannily like a nuclear explosion, although we wouldn’t have one of those in SA, because, as JZ pointed out yesterday, everyone should be giving up nukes like South Africa did.

Bigger on black here. (The photo, not Jacob.)


As someone once kindly said:

Simplicity is more often than not, a thousand times MORE.

And that’s probably why I love this picture taken at Strandveld Winery so very much.

I spotted it in the Cape Agulhas 2012 Tourist Guide and it popped up on my timeline again today. It’s almost as though it’s hinting about getting a spot on 6000 miles… Who am I to deny it that honour?


March desktop

Belatedly, I know. But I couldn’t find anything worth desktopping and I don’t want to give you rubbish, so I had to wait until I took this photo this weekend.

Twilight on Suiderstrand beach on Saturday evening, with the waves gently rolling in onto the pebbles as the sun sank slowly, but surely, into the South Atlantic. (f/8.0, 6s).

This one was edited in the new version of Picasa (v3.9) which has some lovely new features to play with and is becoming more like Instagram every day. Meanwhile, Instagram is “very soon” to be available for Android. I’ll certainly give it a go, but I’m still a huge fan of Vignette for Android.

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And there are a few more photos from this weekend here.


We’re going to pop down to Agulhas again this weekend. Not for any reason other than getting some fresh air and some sunshine and avoiding some cyclists. Actually, I made up that last one, but it’s an excellent added benefit.

But it looks like the Agulhas area will also be very busy, because it’s the annual 5spesie fishing competition there this weekend. Last year even the outlying villages in the region were packed enough with large Afrikaners in large double cabs (that car park is usually completely empty). This year looks set to be even bigger, with prizes worth over R150,000 up for grabs.

The event, described on the powerpoint-designed flyer as “Net ‘n lekker Boere Jol” (literally “Just a great Farmer’s Party”) sounds like a celebration of fishing and Afrikaans culture. So that’s braais, brandy and bad music, then?

Yep. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Things kick off at 5pm this evening with a bring and braai, progressing (after a bit of fishing from 5am) to a massive finale tomorrow evening including:

21h00 – 22h00 Happy Brandy hour. Dubbel Mooiuitsig Brandewyn – R5


21h00 – 24h00 Musiek en Dans – Eggos Orkes van Bonnievale en Christelle (Gratis vir borge / hengelaars, hul familie en vriende)

A rough translation for those in the UK: “Dubbel” = “Double”; “Brandewyn” = “Brandy”; “R5” = “42p”.

And for use on Sunday morning: “Eina” = “Ouch”.

The Music and Dance with the traditional Afrikaans “Orkes” from Bonnievale (and Christelle) is free for sponsors, fishermen, their families and friends. Which seems like reason enough not to befriend a fisherman this weekend, just in case you get invited along.

Hopefully, the fishermen will be happy to share the beaches with my kids, who will be looking for (literally) smaller fry in the in the rockpools.

See you Monday. (Although by the miracle of modern technology, new posts will appear here on Saturday and Sunday).