End of the century

(The one from 1919-2019, anyway…)

It’s been an interesting year, but it’s nearly done now.

There were plenty of highs, several (or more) lows, and quite a lot of average kinda stuff, as you might expect. But all being well (as this post was written over a week ago), we’ve made it this far – 364/365ths or 99.73% of the way through. And 2020 beckons. A fresh start, a new opportunity, but still with the same old arseholes who helped make the last few years so miserable. (You can choose your own arseholes here.)

Happy days.

A watery autumnal sunset, punctuated by Swift Terns and anticrepuscular rays seems appropriate. Not one of my best 12, but it fits quite nicely here, and reminds me what I need to improve upon in 2020. Aiming the camera 10° further upwards would have helped here.

Passport pics

I like this. Passport photographs by photographer Max Siedentopf.

Those boring, officious, unsmiling pictures we all have to have. Full of rules, regulations and mundanity. Until Max got involved, that is:

Because the face in the little travel document doesn’t always have to tell you what’s going on out of frame.

A really novel idea and a properly creative extension of something we see everyday into a cool project.

2019 wrapped – My Spotify

Spotify has let me know which artists and songs I listened to most this year. I’ve been VERY protective of my algorithm, so it’s delightful to note that neither Ed Sheeran nor Taylor Swift made it anywhere onto any playlist.

My top five were:
Death Cab For Cutie, Seafret, Dry The River, New Order and First Aid Kit.


My top genres were:
Indie Rock (obvs), Electronica, Britpop, Chamber Psych (eh?) and Rock.


And my top five songs were:

Atlantis by Seafret
Song for a Seagull by Teleman
Time by Angelo de Augustine
Please Don’t Die by Father John Misty
and this: Apocalypse by Cigarettes After Sex

This is a very fair representation of my 2019.

First used words

Dictionary guru and all-round lovely lady Miriam Webster (yes yes, I’m joking) has a very cool time-traveler feature whereby you can find a number of words that first appeared in any given year. I had a look at my birth year (because why would you look anywhere else?) and here are a few examples from that amazing 12 month period.

They range from the technical like: “ACE inhibitor”, “bunyavirus”, “cDNA”, “neuropeptide” and “somatostatin”.

To the interesting: “Watergate”, “affluenza”, “global positioning system”, “pro-choice”, “duct tape”, “automated teller machine”, “magstripe” and “LCD”.

Via the outright bizarre: “Antarctic Toothfish”, “dinger”, “sea monkey”, “quango” and “Joe Six-Pack”.

And the inevitable childishly amusing underwear, sex and general innuendo stuff: “autoerotic asphyxiation”, “radical cleavage”, “bralette”, “underwire” “nonorgasmic” and “deep throat” (which obviously has more to do with the above Watergate than… ag… never mind).

Insta game not strong

My overall photography stuff wasn’t too bad this year.

But if my Best Nine on Instagram was anything to go by, my Insta game was poor. So poor.

2 iffy sunsets, a beagle and a drone shot. Meh.

Nothing to be proud of here. Especially when compared to 2018’s amazing work. That said, it should be noted that these were the most liked photos on there. Personally, I don’t think that they were the best photos on there, but still…

Lots to work on in 2020. Follow me here and see how much better I can be.