Alleged cable thieves arrested.


We have enough problems with our electricity supply (I’m not even going to link to it any more) (ok, one last time: here you go) without bits of the actual power system being stolen. And yet cable theft is a huge problem here, especially with prices for metal being so high.

So it was good to see that a breakthrough was made in Nelspruit recently:

And not just a bit of scrap metal. A lot of scrap metal:

They allegedly found Eskom pylons weighing 740 kilograms, Eskom cables 350 meters long and a burned copper 98,5 kilograms valued to over R200 000. 

Here’s the shot of Beatrice which was shared.

Now, I’m no expert on cable theft, but I would have thought that disconnecting the cables at the other end before handling them would have been the way to go, Beatrice.

Ohm my lord: she looks shocked, doesn’t she? Watt was she thinking? I’m glad to see that she’s been charged. I wonder if she offered any resistance? Apparently she only got bailed at 10pm last night so when she got home, her husband asked “Wire you insulate?”.
Anyway, now she’s well and truly grounded.

It’s ok. I’m stopping now.

I was just trying to keep you all up to date with current events.

Pack up your things, kids…

…we’re headed for Wet Wipe Island!

OK, so the headline is accurate in so much as an MP – Fleur Anderson – did apparently say that, but it’s still a bit clickbaity: the “major English river” is the Thames; and it’s still a bit sensational: the “changing course” thing sadly hasn’t meant that the whole of Fulham has flooded or anything like that.
But still, there is a Wet Wipe Island according to Anderson:

There’s an island the size of two tennis courts, and I’ve been and stood on it — it’s near Hammersmith Bridge in the Thames, and it’s a metre deep or more in places of just wet wipes. It’s actually changed the course of the Thames.

Thankfully, as a family, we’re now well passed the wet wipe stage, but I completely agree that they are horrible things. I’ve had to unblock a drain clogged with them and they are pretty much indestructible. I would fully support a ban on them – especially now that it would have absolutely no effect on my life.

So yes, they’re awful and they don’t biodegrade, but there might be more to this story that no-one has noticed. Plenty of other things – biodegradable or not – float down the Thames on a daily basis, so if this island is truly made up solely of wet wipes, then it does (to me, at least) suggest that they may somehow have become sentient and are gathering for a potential attack on the city. Otherwise, how have they managed to conglomerate with such precision and at the exclusion of all other flotsam and jetsam?
Fulham might not be flooded yet, but an army of wet wipes (possibly controlled by demons?) (just a working theory) forming numerous wet wipe islands and eventually blocking the Thames would certainly cause major issues for London.

Look, I’m not saying that that’s what’s happening. All I’m saying is just to keep an eye on this story.

And to stop using wet wipes.

Great night out

Really enjoyed an impromptu club visit after the dinner thing last night. I was actually a bit reluctant to go along: I thought that maybe I was getting a bit old for that scene now and I wouldn’t know any of the music, but wow, it’s like nothing has changed.
I was actually surprised that the “young ‘uns” of today enjoy so much of the same sort of thing I did when I was their age.

It just goes to show that truly great art is timeless. Why else would they be playing Daydreamer by Menswear to a bunch of giggling teenagers? Amazing.

Anyway, I’ll definitely not be ruling out a return visit at some stage in the very near future.


An explanation

She looked nice enough when I walked in. And then she proceeded to try and kill me.

Apparently, I have a large knob…


…of scar tissue in my left calf. She then went on to do her level best to work out the large knob, repeatedly apologising for the pain she was causing me. She was quite strong.

Anyway, I hope that explains all the screaming this morning. Ah Jesus.

More tomorrow, once the painkillers have done their stuff.