Day 537 – Lee Hurst says that I’m a moron

Oh dear.

[clutches pearls]

But then again, Lee Hurst says that Lee Hurst is a comedian.

And he describes vaccination as [clutches pearls again] the “death lottery”:

So maybe we shouldn’t actually care what he thinks.

I really can’t be insulted by someone when I have zero respect for any of their opinions.

Day 534 – Oh no, too late!

Argh! Now they tell me!

Seems legit. But then some thoughts…

  1. “It will alter your DNA once they insert the microchip”? Surely just avoid them inserting the microchip then. Simples.
  2. I’m popping a reminder into Google calendar for two years time so I can review the accuracy of his predictions.
  3. People like this would almost certainly benefit from having their DNA altered.
  4. This new era of US/SA relations in the fields of biomedical science, technology and biomedical technology science is to be welcomed, mostly because they’ve got shedloads of money and it will really annoy the EFF.
  5. They walk amongst us.

But perhaps most worryingly of all, I’m double-vaxxed and I typed this whole post just by thinking it.


Day 533 – We’ve suffered enough

It’s been a horrendous last 18 months. And, just as we were hoping to catch a glimpse of glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel, and after the positivity of yesterday, this:

What do they look like?

I know that people harbour irrational hatred for a lot of things, and I harbour an irrational hatred of all things Abba.
I just cannot stand them or their “music”. Ugh.

LPT: Avoid having to switch it off by simply not switching it on in the first place.

Just save yourself.

Your occasional reminder that it’s ok to be irrational if you know you’re being irrational.

Day 528 – Same Whatsapp group


Sadly, you know the type.
Spreading misinformation about vaccines, believing that the pandemic is a fraud:

[Sidenote: Really difficult for people to die in decreasing numbers.]

The type that generally tends to like a bit of hyperbole:

You know the ones.

And sure. You take those sort of tweets at face value and it could all seem a bit scary.

So don’t.

Balance things up by understanding that these tweets are from the same person that looks up into the sky, sees this:

…and thinks that the weather is being engineered by the same organisations that made up the pandemic.

And then – amazingly, but also obviously – connects the two…

r/shittyHDR candidate

6 viruses (lots of lab work to count them individually) and a case of Covid (which didn’t exist earlier, remember?) in 3 months all because of some beautiful pre-frontal skies. These people must get sick a lot.
Oh, and a seizure and a dash to the hospital (that bit clearly slipped their mind initially).

Weirdly, looking back, not a single mention of any of that on their Twitter feed at the time. A few photos of a night out, some talk of a motorcycle race, angry claims that the pandemic is a scam, the usual stuff.
But no seizure and rush to hospital thing. Odd. You’d think… ah, never mind.

In fact, glancing through this timeline, I think it’s best that if you know this person (who I am choosing not to identify right now), you get away quickly. It’s not just the sickness when there are clouds in the sky (oh, and the seizure). The number of people they know that have died from being vaccinated is through. the. roof.
It’s almost (almost) completely unbelievable.
I also know lots of people who have had the jab and they are absolutely fine, so I did some rudimentary calculations in order to try to tie this weird anomaly down to some common cause, and it seems that it’s ‘knowing this person’ which is the risk factor here (p <0.05).
So be warned.

Of course, people can think what they want and live their Walter Mitty fantasy lives if they so wish, although I’d rather that they didn’t share the details as if they were actually true. But what I am saying here is, when you see these horror stories of post-vaccination deaths and claims of fraudulent pandemics, just remember where they are coming from.

The person that is spreading this stuff also thinks that some cirrus clouds made their family sick for three months.

9/11 was an inside job, Moon landings fake, Earth flat, 5G ate my hamster: same Whatsapp group.

They – as has so often been mentioned – walk amongst us.

Day 525 – Record Numbers Of Zebras Die Due To Global Horse Paste Shortage

I know this seems a little premature, while we’re still very much enjoying the fruits of our current pandemic, but it pays to look ahead, and so I took a quick wander down Imaginary Boulevard and soon discovered a terrible ticking time-bomb awaiting planet earth. Especially the stripy members of it.

Strongylus vulgaris

Crazy name, crazy creature.

And a scary life cycle – get this:

During the infective stage of the S. vulgaris life cycle, the larvae that have matured in the intestinal tract will migrate into the surrounding blood vessels. Once in the blood vessels, the larvae will continue their migration throughout the body to various organs causing damage to the blood vessels along the way. This can cause anemia or blockage of blood flow caused by the detachment of blood clots from the vessel wall resulting in tissue death. S. vulgaris are commonly where faeces are present. Harsh environments, such as freezing, do not kill S. vulgaris.

Sounds awful (and it is), but you don’t need to be afraid. It won’t infect you. You’re a human.

It will infect horses, mules, asses (no comment), zebras and quaggas, though. And, in case you hadn’t realised from the description above. IT WILL KILL THEM DEAD.

Fortunately, there is a cure: Horse Paste. This isn’t a paste made from horses, in much the same way that Baby Oil isn’t extracted from actual babies, right. (This is right, right?) (I’m suddenly second guessing myself a bit here…)

Never mind.

Horse Paste is a paste for horses (and mules, asses (no comment), zebras and quaggas). And it contains a chemical which is a member of the macrocyclic lactone class of endectocides and which has a unique mode of action. Compounds of the class bind selectively and with high affinity to glutamate-gated chloride ion channels which occur in invertebrate nerve and muscle cells. This leads to an increase in the permeability of the cell membrane to chloride ions with hyperpolarization of the nerve or muscle cell, resulting in paralysis and death of the parasite. Compounds of this class may also interact with other ligand-gated chloride channels, such as those gated by the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid.

I didn’t write the bit above but tl;dr Horse Paste KILLS Strongylus vulgaris DEAD.

It’s just that, for some weird reason, right now, there seems to be a global shortage of Horse Paste.
And that’s bad news for our Zebras.

Look how completely fucked off with humans this one appears (it is rather hidden by his face stripes, but an expert could tell you that deep down he’s properly irritated). And who can blame him? Sure, he’s healthy right now because the local stockpile hasn’t quite run dry yet. But he’s about to be eaten from the inside out because some people are just completely thick and they’ve used up all the Horse Paste.

And now imagine if you were a Quagga. Pushed to extinction by humans once already, and now, despite the best efforts of The Quagga Project trying to right wrongs:

The Project is aimed at rectifying a tragic mistake made over a hundred years ago through greed and short sightedness. 

…about to be wiped out again – this time through stupidity and short sightedness. And a lack of Horse Paste. I think that as a quagga, you’d have every reason to be thoroughly pissed off at mankind. Extinction once could possibly be seen as a bit of an oopsie. Twice seems almost like targeted abuse.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is, of course, one big winner here: Strongylus vulgaris. And while some idiots might think they are taking Horse Paste to protect themselves from Covid (it won’t) and to show that they are sticking their middle finger up to The Establishment (ooh, you rebel, you!), they’ve actually just been fooled into being witless shills for Big Parasite.

And it’s our zebras that must bear the brunt.

Next week, we tackle the thorny subject of whether Rhino Paste cures HIV.