“Fancy a quickie for dinner?”
“I think you’ll find that it’s pronounced QUICHE!”

But this is a quickie. Hugely busy day and still stuff to do before this evening, when we are also doing stuff.

So here are a couple of links:

Is it because it’s driving through a horrific bit of Sheffield where bus peltage is actually the least of your worries? Spoiler: it is.

Also, this:

Decency long left the building at X. It flows from the very top. When former executive Yoel Roth, whom Musk wrongly accused of being a pedophile, warned recently about hate speech on X, CEO Linda Yaccarino’s first reaction was to play down his concerns. On Monday, Musk followed up: “I have rarely seen evil in as pure a form as Yoel Roth.”

More final nails are being added at an alarming rate.

Just in case

Heading down to Agulhas, Apparently connection has been sketchy down there due to flood damage so I’m popping this one up just in case.

(but you can probably expect more later)

Runaway afternoon

A quick placeholder post here, which I may or may not add to later.

A quick look at the diary this afternoon suggest that things may just run away with a couple of meetings, some school pick-ups, lifts here and there, and at least one concert. So let’s play it safe and pop a post on the blog to make sure that 11 years and 9 months of daily posts doesn’t come to a silly, abrupt, disappointing end.

I’ve got almost halfway through the photos from the Kruger trip, being very harsh and whittling them down into a folder called “Kruger – Final”. The idea on this first pass is just to separate the wheat from the chaff, then have another look in the fresh light of a new day and then separate the best wheat from the rest of the wheat. So then, “Kruger – Final” will inevitably then morph into a slightly smaller folder: “Kruger – FinalFinal”, and then if I’m still feeling quite stringent… well, maybe you can guess.

I’ll get it all done before the weekend.

So far, there are about 40 images in the first effort, with at least a couple of images of which I’m really proud, and at least a few that probably won’t make the next cut. But that’s what the process is all about, and hopefully, this is proof that it’s working well.

Bit battered

Everything is sore today. No known reason why, and no one specific bit any worse than any other. I just feel like I’ve been stuck in a tumble dryer on a roller coaster. All the bits hurt. All of them.
I’m a bit battered and I’m getting old.


It feels a bit Covidy. A bit.
But on the plus side, given the mysterious aetiology and the sudden onset (about last night at 7pm), there’s every chance that I could be fine very shortly.

And it’s not like I’ve let this minor inconvenience get in the way. 16 round for curry and drinks tonight, and it’s all set up and ready to go. OK, I did have some assistance getting all the beers to the car, but other than that – it’s all been good.

Right. Time for horseriding (not me). Time for coffee and standing watching the horseriding (me).

Here we go

Right. Holiday mode is very much beginning here, and so those pre-written posts are going to be taking over this blog for the next few weeks, each dropping at 0800 CAT. There are some absolute gems, so you might not even notice, and I will almost certainly augment the offerings on here from time to time while we are away.

Look out for photographic updates on Instagram, and don’t forget that (since Space Karen killed the twitter API) Facebook is now the best place to go* for regular 6000.co.za updates.

Simply hit the LIKE button (Facebook doesn’t know you’re lying) and get notified of new posts as soon as they are published.

Or, you know, just come here each day. That’s always an option.

* how low have we sunk, that this is even a phrase I am using?