Caring Government

There’s been a groundswell of movements of late that suggest that those in charge of our nations – whichever nations they may be in this global society – don’t care about the common man (or woman) (or gender-fluid individual) on the street. They may be right, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about how things weren’t always this way. There is evidence that, less than 40 years ago, the UK government still cared for its subjects.

If the United Kingdom is stuck by a natural disaster, devastating pandemic, bioterrorist attack or other catastrophe… Pre-Emergency Services have been set up to supply citizens with “essential survival items” including ping pong balls, rubber bands, furniture polish, drinks coasters and crocheted toilet-roll covers that looked like Georgian ladies.

All the important bases covered, I’m sure you will agree. And as the Minister for Internal Affairs assured us:

Should an unexpected catastrophe occur, such as the one which may or may not take place later this year on October 14th, we guarantee that working families and those most in need, such as table tennis players, will be the first to receive the emergency supplies listed in this leaflet.

Indeed, the selfless Prime Minister even offered to forgo his own rubber band and drinks coaster rations saying:

“The knowledge that the people of the United Kingdom are safe is all the comfort I need and I will gladly make do with less vital resources”

These “less vital resources” were later revealed to be water purification tablets, dried food goods and medical supplies.

Fortunately for all concerned, the events of October 14th failed to materialise, and there was no need for the Pre-Emergency Services’ supplies to be handed out.

But one does have to wonder if the UK (or any other) Government of today would be as understanding and generous when considering the needs of its people.

This history, of course, courtesy of Scarfolk.

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