Cape Town sunset

It’s not difficult to take good photographs in Cape Town. Decent subject matter is nearly always available, all you have to do is point and shoot. But because of that, the bar is raised and because good is the norm, exceptional becomes the goal.
Having only wandered outside to fix a drainpipe (what else do you do at 8pm on a Monday evening?), I grabbed the camera, pointed and shooted, Micklethwait-style. Result:

I don’t claim that all these Sunsets & Skyscapes are exceptional, but I do think they’re mostly at least good. However, as I said, I can’t really take a huge amount of credit for that. Even the sky seems so much more photogenic over here.

10 thoughts on “Cape Town sunset

  1. I envy the fact you get to experience such amazing sunsets and at 8PM as well,
    So if I can appreciate it, the photography was not bad at all!


  2. Fabulous picture. I love to photograph sunsets, particularly from the cliffs in St Agnes in Cornwall where we go each June or a week or so. Wonderful colours in your picture.

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  3. Pretty good. Rivals some of the sunrises we have here in Coffs Harbour (that’s Australia by the way, and more than 6,000 miles from Sheffield.

  4. Max Brinsmead » Hi Max. Ah – East Coast! But we can do sunrises too. Just depends which side of the peninsular you are on. But I’m never up in time for them. I’m actually happy to keep it that way.

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