Cape Town e-Toll Calculator

As Gautengers gear up for hefty tolls on their new state of the art car parks roads, those lovely people at ensightnetworks have launched a handy e-Toll calculator so that you can see just how much extra it’s going to cost the Vaalies to sit in queues all day get from one place to another.

Obviously, this e-Tolling is going to have a big effect when it is introduced later in the year and so I felt it was only right that Capetonians should also be aware of how much it will cost them to live and drive around the Mother City as well.
I can like to assist with your financial planning for 2011.

We do actually have a toll road in Cape Town – the vastly over-rated and often closed Chapman’s Peak Drive – but since it’s tucked neatly away behind the Lentil Curtain, I’ve chosen to ignore it. Otherwise, your journey from A to B – and quite possibly to C as well – will cost you nothing. But if that’s not quite clear enough, I’ve done some rudimentary calculations and come up with this quick table to assist you:

From: Anywhere in Cape Town
To: Anywhere else in Cape Town
Cost: R0

However, there may be some supplementary costs for Cape Town drivers:

Views of the Mountain from roads: R0
Use of roads that go to beaches: R0
Use of roads that don't go past mine dumps: R0
Opportunity for Dukes of Hazzard jump from unfinished freeway in town: R0

But it looks like there aren’t.

All of which begs the question: Why on earth do people continue to live in Jo’burg?

12 thoughts on “Cape Town e-Toll Calculator

  1. 6000> U guys problems will be over by tomorrow. We will be bending over and taking it up the bum forever more!

  2. T > They’ll all be down here in a couple of years anyway, once Jo’burg is 6ft under acid mine water.

    HEss > What you guys get up to in your own private time is your business.

  3. Chelsy Davy tells me that the people in JHB earn considerably more than the ones in Cape Town. So don’t feel sorry for them. They can downgrade their flashy lifestyles and arrogant attitudes considerably. It’s time for us all to embrace an eco-friendly existance where commuting less and recycling one’s turds is the norm. Tally ho!

  4. HRH > Apologies if I gave you the impression that I was feeling sorry for them.

    carl botha > The same could be (and often is) said of Jo’burg. At least ours is free (until the Huguenot Tunnel, at least).

  5. 6000: “The same could be (and often is) said of Jo’burg.”

    No, this is not true — obviously you do not know this important part of the South-African history:

    In the late 1800’s the Boere wanted a road between JHB and Cape Town but could not afford to build it — they had to ask the British for financial support.

    The British, keen to get the Boere out of the Cape Colony, agreed to build it, but on the condition that the road would be an one-way, from CT to JBB. (I think you will also have a great deal of sympathy with them … with the British, I mean.)

    The Boere agreed, and never actually intend to abide to the one-way-condition, and THAT was what caused the tremendous friction between Boer en Brit — and it was NOT about the gold as all the history books like to state, but it was this friction that caused the Anglo-Boere-War.

    In the school history books printed before 1948, at least one chapter was always dedicated to this deceit committed by the Boere.

    So, the saying, “The only good thing that comes out of CT is the N1”, was actually created by the British!

  6. E-tolls are planned for all provinces in South Africa. Gauteng is the pilot. Enjoy it while you can

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