Cape Town derby

It’s the Cape Town derby match tonight. It might not have the glitz and the glamour of the Merseyside or Manchester derbies, the passion of the Sheffield or Tyne & Wear clashes or the complete lack of interest of something or other in Wales, but it’s our derby and there’s pride and points at stake here too.

Last time these two met at the Cape Town Stadium, it was an absolute snorefest. 120 minutes of midfield nonsense and then a quickfire 6-5 win to Santos from the penalty spot.

I’m hoping for much better this evening. Ajax are the firm favourites on current form, having won 3 from 3 in the PSL this season – and they’ve been playing some great stuff. History is with Santos though, who did the double over the Urban Warriors last season.

Plenty of promise, no guarantees. That’s football for you.
Still, if all else fails, there’s always the local bars to retire to. And they serve beer.

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