Cape Town Cocktails

It’s almost SA Cocktail Week: “the annual week-long summer festival put together to showcase the vibrant local cocktail community and foster creativity behind the bar”.

The thing is, this is a liquid-based series of events – and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this – but we’re a bit short of water here in the Western Cape. I’m therefore hoping that any creativity fostered behind the bar takes this into account.
To that end, I have a few suggestions for what you should be drinking this weekend.

1. Dry Martini. Literally a dry cocktail. Because if it’s not wet, you can’t be wasting water, right? No ice. [recipe]

2. Old-Fashioned. Helping you to remember the good old days when you could shower for 10 minutes and not worry about tripping over a bucket. No ice. [recipe]

3. Dark ‘n’ Stormy. More of this would have helped during winter. It didn’t happen. And now we’re buggered. No ice. [recipe]

4. Blood and Sand. A worrying prediction of the state of affairs in waterless Cape Town by next April. No ice. [recipe]

5. English Garden. This cocktail contains apple, elderflower and lime – it’s basically a list of plants that have died/are dying in the gardens of Constantia. No ice. [recipe]

6. Sex On The Beach. Maybe try something else instead of a cocktail. This seems to be a water-neutral activity. Obviously, try this on a sandy shoreline, not on the rocks: no ice. [recipe]

7. After Eight. Vodka, Creme de Cacao and Creme de Menthe make up this reminder of “Level Nine” from the now infamous 6000 miles… Extended Water Restrictions post.

No ice. [recipe]

8. White Lady. Consider whether Helen Zille could have done more to mitigate the effects of the Western Cape water crisis while sipping this refreshing, gin-based offering. No ice. [recipe]

9. Penicillin. A great use of whisky to fend off all those skin infections we’re going to get in February when we can’t wash ourselves anymore. No ice. [recipe]

10. Snowball. In this drought? No chance. No ice, see? [recipe]

Have a great weekend and a wonderful SA Cocktail Week and don’t forget to use a disposable paper cup to save on washing up water, ok?

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