16 thoughts on “Cape Town Aerial Panorama

  1. Reflex > Given that you can see most of the city, that’s not a huge surprise! 😉

    Emil > You can almost see Somerset West!

    Wiggy > And – of course – our Stadium by the Sea, nearly ready for next year.

    Po > Homesick?

    OL > And almost entirely shark free.

  2. Yeah I know, but just to the left of the stadium down the road from Fort Wynyard might be a little more specific.

  3. Wiggy > Make a plan. Going to be the biggest party ever. With horns.

    Reflex > They’ve demolished most of that building now – not the old Heritage-protected bit, obviously – for the Grainger Bay Boulevard.

    Incidentally, you can see my “new” lab on the picture as well.

  4. I’m gonna try and make a plan! Hoping my 30th in February may = a bit of money cos thats all I want, then I’ll blow it on 2 weeks in SA for the finals. Not that fussed bout being in the stadiums for the games, but I think the atmosphere around the ground would be electric, and it’d be great to sample so many different cultures. That picture is now my background at work 😀

  5. Wiggy > SA is cheap by UK standards. Only big cost is getting down here. And there will be plenty fan parks around.

  6. We used to go to Fort Wynyard as a Sunday afternoon excursion when I was a kid.
    Loved the invisible guns and the munitions stores.

    Also used to know people who worked in your old office doing a similar thing to you (they might not have worked for the same company but were in the same building).

    Haven’t been down that way for years now, normally stop at the Waterfront and don’t go any further around there.

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