Cape Town 2015 Loadshedding Schedule

The City of Cape Town has released its new “improved”, fairer loadshedding schedule, which is applicable from 1st February 2015.
Rather than running on 7 day ‘days of the week’ timetables, we’re now looking at 16 day ‘date of the month’ schedules. Routine be damned!

Here’s your handy download of map and schedule, courtesy of 6000 miles… (or you can read on).

How to use the schedule:

  1. Find out which area you’re on, using the handy & colourful map.
  2. Check the red box here or here to see what stage loadshedding is happening.
    (Or check the City twitter account).
  3. Look at the calendar, check the date and look below to see when you’re going to be loadshod.

(Click images to enlarge)



  • Based on the national power grid, Eskom may change or suspend the loadshedding stage at any time.
  • If loadshedding does not occur in your area as indicated on the current schedule, it does not mean you will be excluded next time.
  • If you are in areas 17 – 23 or an unshaded area, then view your schedule at this web address:
  • If power is not restored at the allocated time, please report this on SMS 31220
  • Electricity is needed to power certain city functions e.g. water reservoir pumps, sewage and drainage. Please use water sparingly during loadshedding periods.
  • During loadshedding treat all electricity appliances carefully as electricity might turn on at anytime.

Have fun, save power, do stuff.

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