Cape Party in Sense Of Humour Shock

We’ve had “a few” run ins with the Cape Party over the years here on

We suggested that they wanted to turn the Cape into France:

Normandy is a bit out of proportion, but that Southern coast looks dangerously familiar.

We questioned where they got their logo from:

Did all three of them sit down and have a meeting about it? Was it a rough doodle? Or was there some other source?

And then we roundly mocked them when they did badly in the 2011 elections:

It’s not just me, it’s the entirety of the Western Cape that thinks your idea is a bad idea.

But fair play to the Cape Party, when the wicked weather over the Eastern Cape effectively removed a large chunk of the N2, they stepped in with this comment:


Nice try, guys. Nice try.
Keep dreaming.

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