Cape Party want to turn the Cape into France Shock!

Possibly, anyway.

If you’re from these parts, you’ll have no doubt seen the Cape Party’s election boards on streetlights all over Cape Town. They got them up early, presumably to catch those voters who, rather than making their decisions on party policies, manifestos and the like, thought “I know, I’ll vote for the first party whose election boards I see on the streetlights on my way home this evening.”
It’s like taxi companies who try to be first in the Yellow Pages by calling themselves “A1 Taxis” or “AAA Cars” in the hope that you’ll pick them because they are top of the list. I have a deep mistrust of these companies – what are they trying to hide? Would booking with a taxi company with a name beginning further down the alphabet really be a worse option for my travelling requirements? Why?

But back to the Cape Party and their early-bird advertising tactics. It’s a small number of voters that will be influenced in this way, but then the Cape Party appears to be a party of small numbers anyway.

So why should we be bothered about them at all? Well, the Cape Party wants the Cape Provinces to become independent, becoming a new country: The Cape Republic.

The Cape Party will return the Cape to its rightful independence and once and for all bring an end to the racism and oppression suffered under this colonial Union.

Which sounds “ok”, I guess.
And their manifesto lists several reasons why this would work, including some recent “successful examples”:

…we have a long history of not being a part of South Africa. Many people believe that South Africa has passed the tipping point and that Independence for the Cape is the only viable solution.
Successful examples:  former USSR (15 countries), Yugoslavia (7 Countries), Czechoslavakia [sic] (2 countries) and the peaceful secession of South Sudan only a month ago.

They do seem to be ignoring conflicts in Georgia, the ongoing crisis in Chechnya and the tiny, almost insignificant Yugoslav wars of the 1990s (conservative estimates of 120,000 deaths). There was violence before, during and after the Sudanese referendum.
Dividing up Czechoslovakia seemed to go quite well though. Let’s hope that the Cape can follow that road to independent governance rather than any of those other “successful” examples, hey?

But their blatant glossing over of the truth behind what actually happened when those countries went their separate ways is not my real issue with these guys: after all, the definition of success is subjective. My real problem is the fact that they are secretly trying to turn the Cape into France. Check the party emblem and compare the shape of the new Cape Republic to… France:

OK, Normandy is a bit out of proportion, but that Southern coast looks dangerously familiar.

It was because of this concerning similarity that I looked into the Cape Party in greater detail. And look what I found as the very first line in their Vision for The Cape Republic:

The Cape Republic is roughly the size of France

Oh – isn’t that convenient???

So we look like France and we’re about the same size as France. Now all that is needed is an hatred of the British because you once lost a war to them.

The selfish motives of politicians a political system that is as racially divisive and oppressive as the others that have plagued this land since the British Empire forced the Union of South Africa upon us in 1910…


Further evidence: constant references to Cape Provence and suggested adoption of the Swiss system of voting – a country where they speak French and which borders France.  In addition, the Cape Party headquarters is in Franschhoek. Need I say more, except for informing you that I actually made this last bit up – they’re actually based in Claremont. Which sounds very much like Clermont-Ferrand, which is in France.

The Cape Party manifesto ends with this quote from Mahatma Ghandi:

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

Look, I’m already well into stage two, but more fool them for revealing their modus operandi as I have no plans to go any further, breaking the chain and thus ruining any chances of them winning anything ever.
And that is a good thing, because turning into France is no decent future for us.
Or anyone else for that matter.

Good People of the Cape, while it may improve the overall quality of the cuisine in this corner of Africa, this is scant reward for the annoying accents, dismissive arrogance, constant and overwhelming scent of garlic and terrifyingly bizarre toilet habits which we will be forced to endure if the Cape Party ever get their way for this little bit of Europe. You have been warned.

94 thoughts on “Cape Party want to turn the Cape into France Shock!

  1. here…..towards the finale of Mahatma Ghandi’s universally applicable quote.
    Is there anyone who does NOT want to live in a well functioning country? Is there anyone who has not noticed which way South Africa is going? The Cape Republic can show the winning way to South Africa just like HongKong has shown the winning way to China. The scope is immense and worth looking into.
    Seriously ( in contrast to the tongue in cheek entry by 6000)

  2. Marina > Thanks for the comment. The idea is lovely, yes: a utopia of the winelands and beaches of the South West, the sunshine and the rugged beauty of the North and… er… the eastern cape as well. But aside from the tongue-in-cheek nonsense about France, there was nothing amusing about the way they portrayed other secessions and divisions as peaceful when they obviously weren’t. Not that I think that would necessarily happen in a Cape/SA split – religion and ethnicity played a big part in those conflicts – but that’s really not the point. If they can get something so straightforward so very wrong, then why would you choose to believe any of the other claims they make in their manifesto?

  3. Very humorous article 🙂 And journalists with a sense of humour I am sure will be more appreciated in a Cape Republic than the current anti-mediafreedom RSA.
    Well written, but the comical perspective does not detract from the value of the serious and positive message behind the Cape Party’s call for Cape independence.

    The Cape has every right to choose self-determination and I don’t see why we couldn’t go the same route as Southern Sudan did a few weeks ago.

    If, unlike the Sudan government, the RSA government does not want to recognise this right which is in the constitution, then that is even more reason to choose independence.

    I quite like French food, and if that’s what I get in the Cape Republic, Im all for it 🙂

  4. I think that the concept of an independent Cape is a very interesting one, that we have all thought about at some time or another (I would call us the Republic of The Western Cape). And is it really such a bad idea? If a way to avoid all of the issues involved (war, death, famine etc.), it would be a pretty cool place to live in.
    How would we decide on citizenship? Everyone registered to vote here? I’m sure that wouldn’t work. You also wouldn’t be able to just give citizenship to the people living here, what about the international (overseas and from Jozi) who study here? I wonder if they have even bothered to think about those minor details.

  5. janine > Hi. Thanks for commenting. Do you not find the daft accents rather off-putting? I don’t know – the manifesto gives a lot of promises and ideas, but then of course it would. There are many more details to be ironed out before this would ever work.

    RichardAtUCT > Don’t forget that you get more than just the WC here (there’s a Makhaza joke in there somewhere). NC and ?some of the EC too.
    As I said to janine, there are no details – would be interesting to know more.

  6. 6000> my charity work takes me to all areas far removed from the charming winelands and beautiful beaches. What I see and hear is a soaring amount of anger from displaced people of old Cape heritage
    ( call them Coloureds if you want) District Six had less than 4000 displaced. Between Blikkiesdorp and Dassenberg alone the number of dumped Coloureds is over 20.000 and growing in number. Lavender Hill is now a Lavender Hell immersed with recent inclusions of druglords from outer limits. Parklands on the West Coast is one of the main depos for drugs. And I don’t need to go into details of the out of control crime.
    South Africa did not exist before 1910.
    It was called southern Africa and consisted of six selfgoverning provinces, The Cape having been one.
    The Cape history is completely different from what we today call South Africa. Once one is immersed in the full story of the Cape the understanding of the situation – and future possibilities – will change.

  7. marina > Thanks for the history lesson. I don’t see that any of what you have said necessarily proves your final sentence at all, though.

  8. 6000> true, I should have explained that I myself have on many occasions been given old Cape history lessons by Cape Coloureds. I have learnt that the idea of an independent Cape seems quite appealing to those whose ancestors have lived in and loved Cape Town for hundreds of years. The Cape culture and the Kaapse Taal ( a unique form of Afrikaans) is very dear to them and the promise of a land where their problems are addressed and their culture respected is foremost in their minds. So, with this understanding I believe many will vote for an independent Cape.

  9. Marina >

    “with this understanding I believe many will vote for an independent Cape.”

    Does that include you, Marina?

  10. Marina > I’m sure you (IP address: and your good friend janine (IP address… er… will make all the difference in the upcoming poll. 🙂

  11. I find this topic fascinating.

    Not because I think its a good idea but because I wonder how people can believe that this is economically viable ?

    Don’t get me wrong, the Western Cape can hold its own but how much of that economic activity will still happen once its a separate country ? Here are some interesting numbers:

    9.9 million people in Gauteng contributing 33% to the GDP
    4.7 million people in Western Cape contributing 14% to the GDP
    (2 biggest contributors)
    with 44 million odd in the country that means that 21% of the population is generating 33% of the wealth and 9% is generating 14% of the wealth. Not only that but the provinces are actually linked financially more then people realise. For example a lot of people I know work for a Johannesburg based company but they are situated in Cape Town, the business and income that they derive is purely based on activity in JHB. The rates and taxes they pay go to the Western Cape…

    The reason why we have any kind of economic activity in this country is because we don’t have fences separating the provinces, people are able to move and trade freely between the different areas.

    The one thing that I can see happening is that if the Cape did ever become independent, at some point they would need to start moving a lot of the poorer people out of the province (non contributers) which opens up a rather big and interesting question: Who really belongs in the Cape ? and Who really makes the money ?

    I think both are really hard questions to answer, I think that it would be interesting to see how the Cape Party answer them.

    My last comment is about how this idea came about…. I spoke to a few Capetonians about when they first heard about this idea. One person I spoke to remembers hearing about this in 1994, just before the elections. The pitch was VERY different back then with a slightly more apocalyptic fear mongering separatist approach. I wonder how much that has changed ?

  12. This seems to be another dream of a white utopia (or Oranje V2.0).

    Please bear in mind that most large companies in South Africa are registered on the JSE and after the WC breaks off into sublime independence, the new government of the Cape Republic will be hard pressed to find company tax revenue. Mind you, there’s always the French tourists.

  13. if the cape becomes independent… where is jimmy manyi going to ship all of the ‘coloreds’ off to…?

    haha… great article… i def think you cracked their secret agenda…

  14. Craig G > I don’t see that they have any meat on the bones of their manifesto. It makes me wonder if they’ve thought any of this through.

    FruitySalad > Good point, but we’ll start our own stock exchange on Wale Street. (Geddit?)

    Ariel > They won’t be Jimmy’s problem anymore. He’s merely a South African, not a Capian.

  15. @ 6000
    I wonder who paid for all the posters ? Hopefully they will be put to use covering holes in shack lids this winter.

  16. hmmm – now i have a choice to live in france or zimbabwe – hmmm – thats a tough one – moron

  17. Craig G > They already seem to have disappeared.

    frankie > Gee. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, frankie. I’m not actually sure if you are subliminally asking for help with your dilemma, but since 6000 miles… is available in both those countries, I really don’t give a toss where you **** off to.
    Have a special day. 🙂

  18. Have you ever considered checking out to get the facts straight? Even the questions about economic viability are answered there. Most of the questions you are asking are old news and have long been answered on the website. Go check it out and inform yourselves with the TRUTH. Only then can you formulate opinion.

  19. Wow! Very interesting topic. I decided to go check out this website. Verdict: I can truly see this benefiting EVERYONE in the Cape – The Real Rainbow Nation of Africa. We should be proud of our culture. It might be different to a Zulu or Xhosa culture, but we ARE unique and special people of Africa. Our people should be cherished, not dispelled as a “mistake” of the past. We are CAPE PEOPLE! People of COLOUR and we DO HAVE a UNIQUE HERITAGE! I am proud of who I am dammit! I hope the people of the CAPE can see this as a chance to stand together, and make their voice heard amongst two tyrannical political parties that don’t want our TRUE, DIVERSE HERITAGE to be remembered and further nurtured. Why SHOULDN’T Cape should be fully governed by THE PEOPLE of the Cape?? Isn’t this the ONLY way we will find TRUE FREEDOM in the Cape??? I know where MY vote is going this time. CAPE PARTY!

  20. Janneman > I have considered checking out the website to “get the facts straight”. However, when this post was written, “the website” was merely a link to your facebook page and your manifesto.
    Now, I see that you have put the manifesto onto the website. Very timely, if a little dull.
    I like the last minute appeal for the populist vote with the Karoo Fracking post, which cites loads of entirely worthy and respectable sources *cough*.

    Love the quote:

    The South African government is in the process of approving the proposal by Shell to use the Karoo area in the Cape for hydraulic fracturing. By doing so, the government would be openly consenting and supporting the environmental destruction of this beautiful area.

    One interesting step “in the process of approving the proposal” is evidently imposing a moratorium on… er… fracking the Karoo.
    Isn’t it terrible how the government “circumvent the will the people”? Isn’t it?
    If the Cape Party can honestly turn down such opportunities as this, merely because of the unfounded vocal concerns of a few, then…

    Opinion formulated.

    Oh, and I do like the way that you have accentuated the word TRUTH in capital letters. That was very TELLING, based on the comment that subsequently appeared from someone who was obviously NOT YOU. But was called…

    TheRealRainbowNation > Wow. THANKS for getting in TOUCH. If I didn’t know BETTER,I’d say that you were just another STOOGE from the Cape Party, just like JANINE and MARINA. Still, I’m very glad that you now know who to VOTE for.
    Honestly, I have never SEEN such RUBBISH TROLLING in all my LIFE.

  21. I just had a look at the website… it scares me that people that understand so little about the SA economy might actually get some votes.

    As I side note I might need your skills when next I require some graphs that mean absolutely nothing and trick stupid people.

    This whole thing is ridiculous and I still want to find out who is paying for all this.

  22. The cape party seems like a good idea at first glance. until one looks at the composition of this party. it claims it stand for the cape people howeva the coloureds are missing from all leading positions. the issues of the majority race of the cape receives no attention. it sounds like another da using coloureds to enrich and maintain a pro white status quo

  23. Forget France… I know what the *real* agenda is here.

    Once the secessionist movement has begun in earnest, it is only a matter of time until we take things to their autarkic conclusions,

    That’s right folks. I’m talking about the…

    Republic of…

    dum dum da!

    They’ve been long preparing for this moment…

  24. Your statement, that the Cape party wants to turn the Cape into France and your motivation is so ridicules and pathetic, I laugh my head off. Not even Julius Malema can come up with such a stupid idea.

    Cape independence is probably the only option for whites who still expects to have decedents in 50 years time in this part of Africa.
    Statistics place the white population in South Africa by 2060 at 1.3 million and the black population at 200 million. That means that whites make only 0.65 % of the RSA at the current population growth rate by then, which means that we become irrelevant and our chances of survival 0. And these figure do not include current white emigration or illegal alien influx from African countries.
    So this is not about democracy, human rights or ‘better life for all’.
    Its about fighting for survival. For whites, its secession or emigration !

    I live in Pretoria, but plan to return to the Cape, where I was born, with-in the next ten years. There is a momentum picking up amongst people here , to move south. I know many families who has already taken the plunge and it is a growing trend.
    The Cape Party will find fertile ground amongst the white folks hear in the north, if they are interested to gain support hear.

  25. Stickman > They can have it. 🙂

    Chris du Plessis > Your comment, that you think that my statement, that the Cape party wants to turn the Cape into France and my motivation which is so ridicules [sic] and pathetic, you laugh your head off, is noted.
    I am obviously quite upset.
    When I wrote this post about the Cape Party, I had studied what limited information there was available on their policies and their plans for this area and I made what I believed (and still believe) to be a reasonable assumption, based on the facts set out before me, such as the shape of the newly-founded nation, the dislike of the British, the plan to be “like Switzerland” and the approximate size of the Cape, which they themselves compared directly (and tellingly!!!!!!) to France.
    I, for one, do not want to find myself living in France. If I wanted that, I would move to… well… France.

    Maybe that’s what you should do, Chris. France is well known to be full of white people, something which you obviously consider vitally important to your continued survival and that of your offspring. In addition, Jean-Marie Le Penn has left behind a legacy of somewhat dodgy right-wing political ideology, which they have recently demonstrated again with their ludicrous Burqa ban. You’d fit right in.

    I’m sure that the Cape Party will be delighted with the news that people like you are on their way down to Cape Town. After all, more votes is more votes, even if, as you state, “this is not about democracy”.
    Me, I live in a different world from you, where in 50 years time, it won’t matter what colour you are. We’ll have moved on from the racist policies of the past. The only fly in my ointment will be those who attempt to perpetuate their thinly-veiled racist views through their decedents [sic].

  26. You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. Clearly your FEAR is getting in the way of FACTS and/or common sense. France has nothing to do with any of it. As for violence? Perhaps every single liberation or independence movement should have stopped, just in case of fear of violence. Do you know what would have happened then? 3/4’s of the world would be BRITISH! Wake up please and try see the pro’s to what they’re trying to achieve by giving YOU more control over your own destiny in this land. I applaud the Cape Party and look forward to seeing them take votes from the DA and ANC while these parties are mud slinging each other at our expense. Viva Cape party!!!!

  27. What is with these PEOPLE that they always want to CAPITALISE words to add EXTRA emphasis to what they are saying. Do the not realise that it only makes THEM look like IDIOTS?

  28. John > More FOOL you, JOHN. “France has nothing to do with it”, indeed. How utterly blinkered can you be? France has everything to do with it. Sadly. We’ll all be laughing at you as we head down to ze locale village cafe pour avoir une verre de vin rouge. Actually, that bit doesn’t sound so bad. But the rest of it: garlic, arrogance, daft accents, Napoleon syndrome – we don’t want that in Cape Town, sank you verr muche.
    You state that violence is often require for change. I completely agree. However, as you may have read (if you’d bother to read) the post above, your beloved Cape Party don’t agree. They describe several conflict-laden secessions as “successful”. Perhaps, but at what cost?
    Are you willing to die for Cape independence, John? Are you? Are you really?

    Your point about 3/4 of the world being British also fell on deaf ears, incidentally. This is probably because I’m British.

    RichardAtUCT > THEY haven’t worked IT out YET, no.

  29. @Chris I’d love to see where you get those stats from.

    A more realistic statistic would show A.I.D.S. having quite an impact on both those population groups and those numbers are silly propaganda.

    Also do you think that making the Cape independent will preserve the white population ? They seem to be claiming otherwise. Unless (like I suspect) they actually intend on kicking all the poor (darker) people out the cape when they put up the fences.

    I’m also wondering if the initial blog comment might have been tongue in cheek

  30. Mr 6000 quote – “I live in a different world from you, where in 50 years time, it won’t matter what colour you are. ”
    It is true that we have different values. I do actually care about my decedents’ quality of life and being. This is different from the liberal myth -” that all people are the same and equal” . Life dont work like that and never will, especially hear in Africa. If that makes me a racist, so be it. I’m jut one amongst 7 billion.
    That does not mean that I looks down on other people. I have a belief that everybody deserves respect and should be valued for their contribution to society, no matter their race or what ever.
    But I do not respect people who do not respect me and that is probably the real problem we have with the ANC government.

  31. Craig G > Wait. You think those are actually genuinely calculated numbers? Then they would have to show their working and be open to critical analysis. Far better just to thumbsuck and bring forth the emotion of the masses. Or the minorities in this case.

    Chris du Plessis > Sample quotes: “If that makes me a racist, so be it”, “I have a belief that everybody deserves respect”. Hmm. Doesn’t quite fit.
    “End ANC rule forever”, proclaim the CP posters. Does that mean, I wonder, that the Cape Party would ban the ANC from participating in elections in “the Cape Republic”?
    Now – where have I seen that tactic before?

    stickman > Humour? Irony? Sarcasm?


  32. 6000> I hope for a Federal state, like the USA, in the cape and not a republic. I also hope that one of those will be allowed to become the home of the Afrikaner people.
    But first we need to get the Cape independent from RSA and that will require the co-operation of various different groups .

  33. Oh wait… you want a federal republic of SA ?

    Now that I agree with, it is however not at all what the Cape Party is suggesting.
    They want secession with boarders and passports AND A NEW ANTHEM… my gods how many anthems can we have ?

    This is why I say that the practicality of what they are suggesting is beyond dumb.

    A federal states system is being suggested by other political parties, I suggest you vote for one of them.

  34. To your respnse about whether or not it is economically viable please read the following:

    The Cape would be not only economically viable as a country but with independence it would flourish.

    At present the Cape is being drained of over 42% of its taxes. In the City of Cape Town, the only metropole in the Cape region, we receive the lowest share of all South African cities. Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson (Mayco Executive member for Finance) had this to say about the injustice that Cape Town suffers under the ANC government:

    “The disadvantage to Cape Town of the clearly skewed formula for the equitable share is not acceptable. No matter what the arguments are made for relative levels of poverty, it is not acceptable that Cape Town only receives half of what Johannesburg receives and 60% of Ethekwini (Durban) and Ekurhuleni(Mpumalanga). Cape Town taxpayers are entitled to their fair share of VAT and income taxes, irrespective of redistribution needs.”

    – City of Cape Town Budget, (2009/10 – 2010/11) Page 9

    According to the latest data, in 2010 the Gross Domestic Product of the Western Cape was R290 Billion. Financial intermediation, insurance, real estate and business services was the largest producing sector at R54 billion. Manufacturing came second at R30 billion. Wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodation produced R29 billion, followed by an established agricultural, forestry and fishing sector. These are hallmarks of a well balanced developed economy. This confirms that in spite of the government’s extraction of wealth and destructive economic policies, the Cape is by itself a first world economy.

    Compared with some of the most successful economies in the world such as Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong (high income per capita, low unemployment), collectively the Cape has a distinct advantage in land, resources, natural energy sources, intrinsic tourism appeal and trade position.

    * Singapore: only 707 km2 in size, with a population of 4,8million. In 1965 Singapore became independent. They were a handful of destitute islands with mass unemployment, few natural resources and a shortage of land and clean water. Today they are one of the strongest economies in the world with an income per capita of $57 238*.
    * Switzerland: 41 284 km2 in size, with a population of 7,6million. They are a small country surrounded by ice-capped mountains with few natural resources aside from fresh water. They have one of the most stable economies in the world and an income per capita of $41 765*.
    * Hong Kong: 1104 km2 in size, with a population of 6.9million. Hong Kong is a collection of overpopulated mountainous islands with few natural resources. They are consistently ranked as one of the most successful economies in the world with an income per capita of $45 277*.

    *(International Monetary Fund 2010 – PPP income per capita)

    South Korea: In 1960 South Korea’s GDP was the same as that of the newly independent African state of Ghana. Today, through sound economic management it is now a trillion Dollar economy with full literacy and employment. South Korea has no natural resources and is roughly the size of the Western Cape. During the 1960’s Korea’s economic prospects were disregarded by economists the world over.

    Nobel Prize winning economist Gunnar Myrdal gave this advice:

    “Asia’s prospects are bleak. Countries such as Korea should stick to what they’re best at: Growing Rice”

    – Making Globalization Work (Joseph Stiglitz, 2007:30)

    In spite of these fallacious economic perceptions that a country is built purely on resources, Korea confounded these sceptics and has become one of the most prosperous nations on earth, with an income per capita of $29 791.

    * Mauritius: 2040 km2 in size, with a population of 1,3million. Since the 1970’s Mauritius developed from a low-income economy to an upper middle income diversified economy with growing industrial, financial and tourist sectors. Annual growth has been in the order of 5% to 6%. The small Indian Ocean Island has one of the highest living standards in Africa. With few natural resources, this country has managed to outstrip the growth of its resource laden African counterparts attracting considerable offshore investment with the banking sector alone at over $1billion. Unemployment is 7.5% and the Mauritian Economy grew by 3.6% in 2010*, during a time of global economic decline.

  35. Craig it depends on what system the people choose. In the US there are borders and laws too. Europe – look at Spain/Basque relationship… even in Africa you see Tanzania/Zanzibar, Nigeria etc. It is very possible considering our social makeup. Greater autonomy need not mean splitting entirely but the Cape Party are the only political voice calling for this, the DA want none of it, so I suggest considering the Cape Party as an option to greater federalism – the DA model will keep us in exactly the same place were in now – a centralised system from Pretoria, BEE etc..

  36. What I’m not seeing in the manifesto is their plan to deal with gingers. Sure, migrant workers are a problem, but we can always block them at the border. But CT already has all these gingers strutting about without shame.

  37. Andre > Many thanks for the rather positively skewed lesson in economics.
    And thanks for answering Craig G’s federalism point.

    Jacques > But there are migrant workers here too. Presumably the gingers will be thrown out with them.
    And then blocked at the borders as you suggest.

  38. Lol, why would any of you presume we would chase people out? Do you think this has to with race? It has never been about race, look at the membership and leadership – people of all colours. If you dont agree with it that’s fine but making stupid statements to try label the party only makes you look a right ass.

  39. “We provide a real alternative to those not represented by the DA and the ANC, and those who continue to lose out to racially discriminating legislation”. Those who had not wanted to vote, will vote for the Cape Party, as only the Cape Party can secure real and lasting change”.

  40. Isupport this concept wholeheartedly for anumber of reasons but mostly the Cape Party was committed to keeping the ANC out, and would vote for the DA mayor, and use its seats in council as a platform to disseminate the message of Independence.

    In any event Afrikaaners need a homeland as do Boers and other people who do not think ANC or DA istheir political home or political choice .

    The history of the CAPE suggests that it is perfectly justified to have a country called the CAPE .

    VIVA THE CAPE REPUBLIC it is a certain choice and certain option which is very logical too.

    See the manifesto at :

    Brought to you while watching Rugby and typing this wonderful VOLKSNUUS.

    This information is provided by “Johnny Haaspoort “who is from in the CAPE.

  41. Andre,

    I’ve just glanced over your post and have some quick questions:

    Given your aversion to unequal tax burdens, will suburbs such as Bishopscourt and Newlands (not to mention those along the Atlantic seaboard) be free of any obligations to support those in, say, the Cape Flats? Is the natural conclusion to this secessionist movement for each municipality to become self-autonomous and subsist only on the taxes generated within their own principalities?

    How much of the Cape’s economic prowess do you think is directly tied to the rest of South Africa? Do you think that simply comparing the Western Cape’s GDP with that of the country as a whole might be rather misleading given these interdependencies? (A simple example for illustration, what percentage of the goods coming through the Cape Town port are ultimately destined for consumption beyond the WC borders? Do you maybe think that, post-secession, South Africa (redux) might direct a rather large portion of of trade through alternative ports which it claims as part of its own sovereign territory?)

    I found no mention of currency on the Cape Party website or within the manifesto – a curious omission given its centrality to economic self-determination. Do you envisage a separate “Cape” currency, or will the SARB continue to grant the use of its legal tender (i.e. the Rand) within the secessionist region. If the former, will the Cape be using fixed or floating exchange rates?

    Energy: Yes, the Cape does have nice conditions for renewable energy sources development. Unfortunately, you’ll find that these take a long time to scale up and remain inordinately expensive to use in of themselves for many citizens, or unreliable (e.g. in the case of wind energy) to provide a suitable base load. More to the point, by far the bulk of the province’s energy is produced outside of its borders, predominantly from the coal fields in Mpumalanga. Of course, the notable exception to this is Koeberg, which is run by Eskom, which is owned by… um, who is it again?

    Last question on immigration control (gingers or otherwise). Why the strong emphasis on free trade, but not labour mobility? If you’re going to cite economics to rationalise the former, then you should really should do the same for the latter. On that note, may I suggest some readings for the Cape Party brains trust?

    That’s it for the moment. I look forward to your response.


  42. 6000 – even you have to admit that Cape party support is growing, and that their push toward Cape self-rule has some credibility. No?

  43. Oh sorry, I see your actually a Brit living in the Cape. Never mind my last question, I thought you were from here and hence had credibility. BTW, last time I checked your island wasn’t doing too well, maybe thats why you moved here, so you’d be absolutely correct with your “6000 miles from civilisation heading,” as England is 6000 miles from it. 😛

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