Cannot. Stop. Watching.

I shared this on twitter this morning, but it deserves a more permanent record. This is it.

Clever person, blog-coding genius and good friend @JacquesR shared this fantastic free kick routine, which I believe is from Cheltenham Town’s away day at Tranmere Rovers’ Prenton Park over the weekend.

I cannot stop watching it.

Sources indicate that it was the Robins’ striker Dan Holman hitting seat 4, row Z.

Complex, inventive free kick routines can result in a shot on target  Here’s one that Sheffield United have used on several occasions. I don’t recall us ever scoring from it though.

Still, look at that by James Beattie. Row Z at the Bramall Lane end remains wholly unscathed.

For the record, Cheltenham won the game 1-0 (Holman’s strike partner Danny Wright having scored in the 3rd minute), to remain top of the National League.

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