Can Jetpack still share blog posts to Twitter?

Look, we’ve been through this. Firstly here, and then more recently, here. But twitter is falling apart.

The third party mobile apps disappeared, and then the first party web app stopped working. Instagram won’t share images to Twitter anymore, and yesterday, when I posted this post, the Jetpack plugin failed to connect to Twitter. And it doesn’t seem like the issue is at this end:

Jetpack is the plugin that (and many thousands of other websites) use to tell people that there’s a new blog post fresh and ready for them to read. And now it’s not working – on Twitter at least. It’s still happily telling my Facebook fans that there’s been an update, and it would still post to LinkedIn if I wanted it to.

I don’t want it to.

Anyway, it seems likely that one of two things has happened here. Either, being allowed to connect to twitter from Jetpack (and Instagram) is now something that is now only allowed for paid accounts (no, I’m not going to), or something at twitter is broken because they (he) sacked all the competent staff.

Either way, there does seem to be a real rush to load a lot of straws onto the camel’s back to see what effect it will have.

EDIT: And, as Ian Betteridge predicted, no, it can’t.