Can I just say…?

Blogging is such a fun thing to do. Voice your opinions on a subject or your prediction of an event and you’ll get people agreeing or disagreeing with you, and then everyone moves on, because the internet has created a culture whereby your opinions on something yesterday is so… well… yesterday.

This can be extremely useful when you mess up on whatever you opined or predicted, because no-one remembers it anyway. Only the worse kind of stalkers will go back and look stuff up to get what I believe are commonly known as “receipts”. Most of the time, it’s swept under the rug and you can quietly move onto your next error.

But what if you were right? Because every so often, that does happen.
Well, then it actually becomes a bit annoying, because all that time ago, you said the thing that proved to be correct and yet everyone has moved on and you don’t get to take any well-deserved credit for it.

Not fair.

There is a way around this, of course. You can blow your own trumpet. And that’s exactly what I’m about to do, because [self-blown fanfare]:

Oh my golly gosh.

If only someone had said something two weeks ago(!) about it almost certainly being linked to salad:

Maybe even going as far as to name the actual bit of salad that it would be:

I mean, that could have literally been life-saving advice right there.

I choose to listen to experts because they are experts, and I will happily tell you what experts are saying about football, politics, potato chips, aeroplanes, cartography and AI. Whether you choose to believe my thoughts and opinions on their words is completely up to you.

But do not doubt me on my microbiology.

And please continue to wash all your salad items before use.

Keep well.