Camp stats

Some household statistics while having a 10-year old son who is away at school camp (and an 8-year old daughter who isn’t).

  • Overall Nutella consumption: down 93%
  • Repeated instructions required: down 44% 
  • Amount of readily available milk and bread in house: up 76%
  • Early morning hugs for Dad: down 50%
  • Available charging points for electronic devices: up 134%
  • Parental checking of Facebook (for school camp updates): up 240%
  • Polite laughter at my crap jokes: down 81%
  • Last-minute recollection as we’re heading out of the door for the school run that we don’t have the most ever so very important thing which is needed for class first thing this morning, and which we had previously been assured was placed safely in school bag the previous evening: down 100% (so far, at least)
  • Requests to go and fly the Mavic: down 96%
  • Anticipation of some amazing stories upon his return tomorrow: up 80%

In the meantime, the somewhat confused and mildly depressed beagle will continue to fruitlessly search the house for him.

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  1. My 10 year old is heading off on school camp in a couple of weeks. I’m more excited than he is.

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