Bump your photos onto your PC

I’ve got bump on my smartphone, but I’ve never actually used it. But all that may change now that I’ve found I can do this:

All you have to do if you already have the app is log on to bu.mp, select the photos you would like to transfer from your phone, and bump the phone against the space bar (although we’re pretty sure you could just hit the spacebar with any apendage…). After that you can download them straight to your computer to get them off Bump’s servers or share them with your friends via permalink. There’s not much “professional” application here, but it’s a great way to quickly transfer photos from your phone to your desktop when you’re in a bind.

Which is exactly what you need when you’re in a bind: a simple and “great” way to get the pics from where they are,  to where you need them.

I have the Week from Hell II happening at the moment, but when I get a moment, I’ll give it a go and report back. If any of my intrepid readers have easier lives than me, please feel free to play and  leave me a comment below.

Incidentally, that WfHII means that I’ll probably be pretty scarce on the interwebs for the duration. You can, however, rely on at least one post a day on here. Join the 6000 miles… Facebook page and get it delivered to your choice of device both free of charge and gratis.

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