Bugle takes a break :(

News from The Bugle Podcast (you may remember them from such posts as Cheeseburger) is that they are “taking a sabbatical”, because, as Andy Salzman explains:

As small, eagle-eared listeners would be aware, John has been a little tied up with his new TV show, dismantling the very fabric of American and global society, whilst for me, well, that tortoise in my garden gets more active in the summer and I have some serious cleaning up to do on the lawn and the garden path, plus an enema run to do in August, so we’re going to take a little time off.

Indeed, tortoises can do that to a comedian’s spare time. And yes, John Oliver has been the talk of the internet with his clever rant at FIFA and the other clever (and always funny) rants at other people and organisations on Last Week Tonight.

In an effort not to lose too many listeners, Andy and John will still be releasing some material each week until their return in September, so it’s probably worth sticking with that podcast feed if you are looking for some cutting satire in Spring (other seasons are also available).

7 thoughts on “Bugle takes a break :(

  1. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    The 270 odd old editions should keep you busy for a while though!

  2. Bloubergman > *cheering* It is, and I was impressed by the lack of crossover from John’s show. Very, very funny drive into work this morning.

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