I think I eluded to the fact that we’d got a new camera some time ago (yes, I did, here). I still haven’t got those photos up (nor am I going to be able to before the end of the month if I’m honest). However, I have got the cemera with me, and I’ve been pointing and shooting when I get the chance. I’m going to put whatever I get into my new, snappily-named Canon Test Shots Album.

You shouldn’t expect anything ever so spectacular in there, I’m just learning. As an example, here’s a bug on a double-glazed window.

Note those two reflections from the two panes of glass.

My old camera (and even my phone) can take decent shots like that. The difference comes when you start to zoom in. The clarity from the new beast is just incredible. And yes, I daresay that other cameras and other lenses are even better (this is a standard, rather than a specific macro lens).

But I don’t have those to compare this against, so I’m still more than happy.

4 thoughts on “Bug

  1. If you’re still in the UK, you could pick up a decent macro lens for a tenner. Great pic, though, and the reflections are fab!

  2. Ms Hansen > Well, I’ll be back, in full Arnie style. That seems ridiculously cheap. Where would you advise purchasing such a lens? Is there an online place?

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