Brown innovation

Don’t even ask how I stumbled upon this little invention (and no, that wasn’t a hint).

Behold the Brown Corporation Portable Cardboard Eco-Friendly Toilet – or ‘The Shitbox’ for short.

For your money, you get a reusable flatpack cardboard toilet, 10 biodegradable poo bags, tissues and a duffel carrier bag. There’s even a YouTube video showing a man called Richard assembling and demonstrating it (no, he doesn’t actually use it).

It’s brilliantly simple and although I’ve thankfully never seen one of these in use, I have experienced the toilets at Glastonbury on the Sunday and I can safely say that this would be a much preferable option.

I’m sure that there’s a huge market for these in the outdoorsy South African lifestyle. Who’s going to be the first to get them over here and make millions? If it’s you, please remember me when you do.

Thank you for reading. Now wash your hands.

One thought on “Brown innovation

  1. When doing trails like the Otter, it’s requested that if you need to uh… relieve yourself, it’s preferable that you do it in a bag and carry said bag out. I always wondered about the logistics of actually using the damn bag. Now I know!

    Much talk and laughing at the idea of duct taping a bag to your arse in order to keep your hands free…

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