I went to gym today for the first time in ages. Not literally ages, as in Mesolithic, Jurassic, Paleolithic etc. That would just be silly. Blokes fought off velociraptors and dragged women around by their hair for exercise back in those days: there was no need for gym. Oh – and men had beards and said “Ug!” a lot.
Thus, those were obviously good days.

Back to the present.
I don’t like gym and, generally speaking, I don’t like the sort of people who do like gym. Therefore, I’ve had many, many reasons for this hiatus. Some have been good, some appallingly bad, several were brilliantly made up on the spur of the moment.
Many have been related to my children and at least fourteen had some form of alcohol as their foundation stone. But I’ve finally run out of excuses and it was time to face my fears at Virgin Active in Claremont. 

For some reason, I decided that a nice gentle easing of my body back in to fitness would be a 25km cycle ride without going anywhere while watching Manchester United and Blackburn, neither of whom were going anywhere either. 
At least the bike kept my heart rate up. At least the scoreline made me smile.  
Can you see how utterly desperate I am for something positive?

After that, I incomprehensibly headed for the incomprehensible torture weights machines and lifted more than I should have rightfully been able to in order to break myself some more. If you are passing Chez 6000, I would very much like you to pop in and touch me on my studio please, because I cannot currently bend down far enough to do it myself.

Sadly, I fear tomorrow may bring with it a new dimension of musculoskeletal agony and there’s precisely bugger all I can do about it.

6 thoughts on “Broken

  1. I hate gym. I can’t stand the way it smells, I don’t like the people who do gym, the machines are mean and it uses up time I could spend drinking red wine with friends. So I do long walks instead. Except now I have a broken bone in my ankle and can’t walk, so I’m sitting here on my slightly less firm butt feeling pretty smug that you are suffering for your gymmy silliness. Try bathing in Epsom Salts – it actually does relieve stiffness. A good long soak – none of that hop in, wash, leap out stuff.
    .-= Charmskool´s last blog ..Heil die Leser! Oh I love saying that. Oh and I had a birthday (whimper) =-.

  2. Heya going. Like the blog, don’t normally read too many blogs besides but this one is good.

    I’m a personal trainer. I like to know what peoples attitudes towards exercise/gym are. You mentioned you don’t like the people at gym. I know your not alone in that. May I ask what it is exactly that you don’t like?


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