Brian on photoing photographers

Brian has been photographing photographers for a long time now, and when you do something for a long time, your ideas around the subject tend to evolve:

At first, my photos of photographers were just photos of photographers. But soon I was subdividing that huge category, into photographers taking selfies, photographers looking at the photos they’d taken. Recently I have found myself making further subdivisions, often of photos I have been taking for some while but which I had not been putting into a separate category in my head, if you get my meaning. So, above, in addition to all the photos of photographer’s camera screens, we see contributions to the photographers taking selfies category (subdivision: couples taking selfies), to the photographers looking at the photos they have just taken category, but also a good addition to the bald blokes taking photos category, and two for the photographers with interesting hats category.

Those photos mentioned above are here. And (much like Brian, as it turns out) I was immediately drawn to this one:


That’s near professional composition right there. The guy with the phone has spotted something in the London dusk, but then Brian has added the extra elements of photographer and phone screen and made it very special.

Great shot. The only thing missing is an interesting hat.

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