Brian on Cranes

There’s some nice urban photography of London on display at at the moment, specifically here, here, here and here.

The first of those links takes you to a photo of some cranes near Victoria Station, but why would anyone take photos of cranes?

Perhaps there are some readers wondering what the hell is so fascinating about cranes.  Well for one thing, they’re cranes, with all that this entails, in terms of structural magnificence, aesthetic beauty, functional just-so-ness.  Also, cranes mean new Things, coming soon.  Not necessarily good Things, but … Things.  Cranes are a vote of confidence in whatever place they are operating in.  Cranes in London say: hurrah for London.

There continue to be a lot of cranes in Cape Town, which, I guess, says: hurrah for Cape Town. But whereas London is proudly, resolutely all about City, Cape Town has beaches and fynbos and mountains as well.

And that’s the reason that I – wholly unapologetically – choose to concentrate on the natural side of things, rather than the (admittedly impressive) feats of engineering and architecture around here. Besides, why would I need to get my urban photo fix from a city that has so much other stuff, when I can simply overdose at any time I choose?

Photos: Portside and Gratuitous Thursday Morning Mountain Shot

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