Brian is back again, but he’s still not a Real Photographer

I was delighted to note that Brian Micklethwait, my favourite UK blogger, had decided to end another of his self-imposed hiatuses (hiatii?) and start up his regular blogging again. And so far this week, we’ve had a couple of wonderful photos [here and here] of Anish Kapoor’s Olympic sculpture, a Shard update from the 1950s and a link to a wonderful South African blog post about London.

And then today: geese.
And this quote, after a close encounter with a gander (while having a gander at his missus):

A real photographer would have advanced again, made him angry again, and got a shot of him being angry, while very slightly risking death, again.

I don’t know, hey Brian? If a swan can break a man’s arm (anyone ever seen this happen, by the way?) surely a goose could at least take out a finger…

Take care out there.

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