Someone recently commented that this is the time of year when Capetonians stop complaining about the cold and start complaining about the wind. And that someone was right. With spring comes the SouthEaster, the Cape Doctor, which stays with us until December, or, if we’re going to be completely realistic about this, March-ish.
Agulhas gets it too and we’ve been treated to a fine display today. Really blowy.
Already covered by a fine layer of sand, we headed inland to Bredasdorp and the Shipwreck Museum.


And what a find. As a family of four, you don’t get much entertainment for R60 these days, but this was pretty special.
Artifacts and history from the 150-odd shipwrecks which have occurred around Agulhas, plus some vintage vehicles (the highlight being a 1905 Cape Town fire engine) and an entire Victorian household which looked like it hadn’t been touched since… well… since then, actually. The kids got educated and I’m still not sure they even realise it.

There was also a lovely garden out at the back, complete with cat, which the youngest member of our party wanted to take with her and expressed her acute disappointment when we refused. Thankfully, all was forgotten (including the cat’s name) with the clever addition of a biscuit.

There are photos, there’s just not bandwidth, so I’ll get them up later in the week.

UPDATE: Photos here (minus many that were lost by a corrupt SD card – we’ll have to go again). Also, never realised how horrid the image in this post was. Only saw it on a 3″ phone screen – looked ok there – sorry.

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  1. There’s a bright yellow construction crane at a site next to SARS on the Foreshore, and with the wind that’s blowing today there is no way at all, not for any money, that you’d get me in the little white control office at the top. Just looking at it swaying is making me seasick!

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