Hi all,

Heads up. This is important.

I’ve lost count of how many consecutive days of blog posts that I’ve done on here, but the smart money is on it being each day since January 2012. That’s somewhere around 1375 days, and that’s not a bad effort. Some of you will have read nearly all of them. That’s possibly rather too much commitment, but thanks for your efforts. Your loyalty is appreciated.

For personal reasons, it seems likely that this long-running streak may come to an end in the next short while. If it does, then I’m not sure when it will happen or how long any hiatus may last, but I’ll surely be back at some point.

Probably your best bet is to “like” the blog on Facebook here and you’ll see any new posts pop up as and when they occur. Or you can keep clicking on, of course. I’m just trying to save you a bit of effort.


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