Those of you who know me, or who read this blog on a regular basis, will probably be aware that I am partial to the odd glass of brandy when and where I can slip one in.

And things over the last 24 hours have conspired to deliver not one, but three Marlon-related bottles of joy. Some 10 year old KWV Potstill brandy, some “ever so special” Courvoisier cognac and some St Rémy glass-encased deliciousness. I’m going to be kept wasted happy for several (if not more) evenings.

And then I spotted this – Brandy Homes:


Well, I have one of those now, but these are the places that brandy is made – the local distilleries. I’ve done several of them already, but now you can visit them all with this handy new feature on the website:

A Brandy Home is a place where you can sit back, relax and learn all there is to know about brandy.
The story of brandy is fascinating – it takes five litres of the finest wine to make one litre of spirit. And then it has to mature untouched for at least three years.
There is so much to discover – the heads, the heart, and the tails. Not to mention the Angels’ share… Plan your visit to a Brandy Home today. It’s a great outing and something completely different!

And there are maps and guides and ratings – a nice resource. SA does a lot of really good wine tourism, and with the troubles caused by the new visa regulations, it’s such a sensible idea to encourage some additional brandy visits with summer coming up (which, along with spring, autumn and winter, is my primary brandy drinking season) and  worth checking out.

Disclaimer: No brandy was exchanged for this post (yet – my contact details are here, Brandy people), I just like the idea.

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