Both wrong

Imagine my delight – noting that this was merely a fender bender with clearly limited possibilities for injury – when I spotted a crash on the road in Wynberg earlier.


Because this was at the junction of Wolfe and Waterloo.

The vehicle turning into Wolfe from Waterloo was a taxi, turning into Wolfe despite the clear “No Minibus Taxis” sign under which the bump took place.

The vehicle turning right from Wolfe into Waterloo was a car, and would have avoided the taxi completely had it have noted the “No Right Turn” sign at the top of Wolfe, next to which the collision occurred.

Oh dear. What a pity.

But will they have learnt anything? I doubt it.

Note that the above images were taken on a much nicer day than today.
Also note that the minibus on the left of the image above belongs to a school, isn’t a taxi, and may or may not be turning right.