Things are coming together nicely for The Last Hurrah with the booking of the flights and the accommodation for the Oslo leg of the trip: the internet is a wonderful thing.

Budget flights from Gatwick were very easy to book, although I had to specify upfront that I wasn’t going to be bringing any diving equipment with me, which was a disappointment but did save some cash. Also, since it’s just an overnighter, I also chose “no hold baggage” – saving another €13, but leaving each of us each with an allowance of just 10kg of hand baggage and meaning that I’m going to be wearing a LOT of clothing on the flight. As you do when heading to Norway in December, I guess.

The hotel was more problematic. The location had to be good: handy for the much vaunted 210kph flytoget rail service – which unsurprisingly arrives and departs from the main railway station – but more so for the concert venue. Oh, and reasonably economical too. And that’s no easy thing to do when playing around with Scandinavian pricing.

I used Google maps extensively before plumping for the perfect place, booked it and all was done. Then I decided to have a look at Streetview. Ah. Is that the place we’re staying, just above the (ahem) “Red Windmill Bar”?
Yes, yes – I think it is.

Because while the cat is at home (with the kittens), the mouse will frequent hotels above dodgy pubs full of Scandinavian women.

Allegedly, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Booked

  1. Beware the Scandiwegians. They take your money and make you drunk. I’m just saying.

    But have lots of fun nevertheless. Mwh-aha-aha-aha-haa…

    (Disclaimer: I used to love Morten Harket)

  2. Simon > Oh thanks mate – super helpful advice when I’ve just said that I have no hold baggage. *facepalm*

    HH > Even the water?

    Dane > I’m detecting a “you’re going to pay a lot for your beer” theme running through these comments.
    That’s not good.

    (Disclaimer: Like your laugh)

  3. Be sure to pop in at Highgrove if you get a chance. The beer will be on me. Organic of course. I enjoy my tipple more and more the younger I get. Though I’m not quite in the same league as my Grandmother just yet.

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