Blunt does it again

Bit behind the loop on this one, but it still deserves some attention.

After seeing him live and being pleasantly surprised at the experience, and then enjoying his response to being declared dead, James Blunt has replied – brilliantly – to a tweet from… meh… someone:

Can we all take a moment and remember just how terrible James Blunt was [sic]

To which he responded, and here I embed:

Self-deprecation and a neat little advertisment, all in one.

But it’s also worth noting that while his reply alerted all sorts of silly people to her tweet, who – this being the internet and them being silly people – set hard to work on insulting Katy, James then checked in on her:

Whether you like his music or not, you have to admit: the guy has class.

3 thoughts on “Blunt does it again

  1. Do not like his music. Like him for this though. Also seen him on Graham Norton once. Top fella

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