8 thoughts on “Bit sore

  1. The second pic was not shown here in UK. We just saw a still of the defender’s studs hitting Eduardo’s shin.

    Maybe no malice involved, but professionally negligent?

    Or just a hopeless footballer – but is that any defence?

    Taylor, according to his manager, was just tricked by the player’s “quick feet”. So, as a result, Eduardo got his ankle shattered.

    That’s a good way to suppress the skilful play that makes the Premier League so watchable and wealthy, isn’t it?

    Oh, the “media” has a lot to answer for, doesn’t it?

  2. Not only did a Gooner get his ankle snapped, but Spurs won some silverware. We’ll have to dust out our trophy cabinet.

    What a great weekend!

  3. My stomach does a triple backflip every time I see that picture. Gnnnnnnnnnn! (Dry heave! Dry heave!) I think it was negligent more than malicious, but I hope he gets more than a three match ban. You just can’t tackle like that.

  4. Surely these are stills from the TV (digital age and all that). Can’t believe anyone would have a camera on a tackle 3 minutes into a game?

    Poor tackle and poor result for Eduardo. So will he be David Busst or Alan Smith? Both suffered similar injuries. One gave up playing, the other went to Newcastle (so effectively the same thing!)

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