Bit shaky

It’s been distinctly wintery in Cape Town this weekend.

I’m a bit shaky, since a quick trip down to Agulhas proved no escape and upon our return, I somehow, somehow found myself at the Good Food and Wine Show at the CTICC.
This probably doesn’t sound too bad to most people, but we were really there just to see Katy Ashworth from CBeebies.
Well, the kids were, anyway.

Considering the lack of patience generally shown by young children, ours stood very patiently through an awful lot of queuing: to get in, to get into the kids section, to get in to the CBeebies show, to get back into the kids section etc etc etc.
All in all, it was horrendously oversubscribed and unbelievably overcrowded – and the kids loved it.
For these parents, while gaining much pleasure from our kids excitement, it was perhaps less enjoyable. The highlight for me was noting that Heston Blumenthal is a bit of a shortarse, the lowlight was some guy trying to sell us flour by claiming that he had been cured of Multiple Sclerosis by eating wholemeal bread for three years in Australia. Utterly disgraceful.

It was another lesson that having kids makes you view things in a whole different way. If it wasn’t for them, we probably would have ended up drinking wine, whiskey and several litres of Klipdrift Gold, which obviously would have been terrible.

Wait. What?

Oh, and: The Insurance Guy finished the Comrades in 9:48:59 – an unbelievable achievement.

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