Bit distracted

Sorry if I seem a bit distracted this evening.
It’s kind of tough to write a blog post when your wife is constantly (garage) waving stuff at you asking where things must (loft) go because she is (bin) determined to complete her spring cleaning effort – filing the last boxes of “stuff” which was stored (bin) in various cupboards all around the house, but which now fill up the cupboards in your new (study) study. I’ve even been made to give up Mythbusters just as they were about to blow up a house full of popcorn with a giant laser. Seriously.

The only saving grace is the Ingwe Reserve 2005 (Platter ****½) and a slab of Bournville chocolate which are not only saving grace, but have mellowed me out enough that my wife has also been saved, despite her contant (garage) (bin) (bin) and rather annoying (cupboard) (no clue) (bin) interruptions. Just up to here has taken about half an hour. And I type fast.

I’ve just been up to switch Alex’s reading light out to find him fast asleep on his new ruler, which he is ever so proud of as it has an outline of Africa on it and he can point to the Cape Town because “we’re in the bottom corner”. I like to think that I am a father who takes an interest and knows a lot about his kids, but it was news to me that the distance from my son’s ear to the corner of his mouth is approximately 110mm.
One lives, one learns. 

One of the few notable finds of the evening, aside from the exact dimensions of my son’s face, was a couple of photo CDs from 2003, including pictures taken when I was on my “reccie” visit to Cape Town in October of that year.

Here’s a rare photo of me on Llandudno beach on my second ever day in South Africa. I looked so young.
But that was six years ago, before the African sun and the stresses and strains of two children got to me. Looking through the photos, no effort was spared by my then girlfriend in an effort to tempt me into emigrating to SA.
Of course, her hard work paid off and I moved down here 3 months later. The rest – as they say – is history.

Most of which is now being stored in the (loft).

7 thoughts on “Bit distracted

  1. This is so funny, I ACTUALLY laughed and cackled, and may have woken up a kid or two. Thanks – do so love laughing 🙂

  2. ha ha i thought that was a picture of prince harry!! you dolook very young. guess thats what married life and a couple of kids will do to you

  3. Cazpi > We aim to please. Sometimes.

    kambabe > Prince Harry? Pah. Never been so insulted in all my life.

    HH > It’s all about the royal connections, isn’t it? I’m ever so young, as you can see from the photograph.

  4. Woah. You look so fresh and innocent. Good move taking you to Llandudno, except I can’t believe you are standing in that water and your legs are not icecubes!
    .-= po´s last blog ..Dear Universe =-.

  5. Well, if kambabe says you look like Prince Harry, and I say you look like a young Charles Spencer, I guess we can rule out that twat Major James “I loved her so much I’ve sold her letters” Hewitt being the father of Prince Harry… oh, no! Perhaps *you* are the father!! 😀
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Deep Thought and The Ultimate Question =-.

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