Loving this “new” camera.
And I like my photo of a bird that I took in Suiderstrand yesterday.
I’m not really an expert on birds, but I think that this one is a juvenile Rock Kestrel – that’s Falco [tinnunculus] rupicolis to you (or Carl Linnaeus). See how it doesn’t yet have the grey head of the adult Rock Kestrel? But equally, lacks the paler underside of the Lesser Kestrel  (Falco naumanni)?
Yeah, this one has got juvenile Rock Kestrel written all over it*.

Fortunately, I have plenty of bird experts on hand who will be happy to put me right, should I have misidentified this feathery thing.

This little guy was ever so obliging, hanging around on a window ledge for ages and ages while I pointed and shot. This sort of photogenicity is rare in wild birds of prey – they’re usually really standoffish – and is to be applauded.


* note to self – patent labelling system to better differentiate birds of similar appearance.

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