Bird Table Fracas

A pleasant morning chilling in bed, wandering along the beach and watching the birds in the back garden, before we headed home along the (mostly) empty Overberg roads.

I can’t claim responsibility for the image below. Yes, my camera, my lens, and my identifying the birds and alerting the family to the fracas on the bird table (we’ve seen issues here before).
But it was the Boy Wonder what got the shot.

That’s a Cape Weaver – usually the bosses of the bird table – on the left, and a Yellow Bishop on the right, showing that he can do more than just move diagonally. Feisty and territorial, your Yellow Bishops.
Or so it would seem.

The real winner was the beagle, who ambled in once all the excitement was over, and hoovered up all the crumbs which had been flung from the platform by excessive wing flappery and general ornithological over exuberance.

While the Bishops aren’t unusual birds to see on our drive down to the cottage, this was the first one that we’ve spotted in the back garden. But if this behaviour was anything to go by, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of him in the future. He might even have annexed the whole village by the time we get back there.